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2014 Interior Design Trends: An Interview with Mary Cashman of Cashman Interior Design

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Cashman Interior Design has been in business for seven successful years, after a long career in broadcast sales and management. I combined my life long love of interior design with the skills I learned in being able to listen to people's advertising and marketing needs and tailoring programs to help them achieve their goals.

What are some of the services your company provides?

We have a stable of experienced sub-contractors who have proven both their talent and value over the years in carpentry, bath and kitchen lay outs, flooring, tiling, lighting, plumbing, painting, wallpapering and window treatments.

What are some elements I can include in my bathroom to make it appear modern?

If possible, I prefer to update baths without gutting them as that can eat up a budget pretty fast. The biggest improve4ment one can make is to remove shower walls and replace them with glass as this gives more visual and actual space to the room. Get rid of old medicine cabinets and replace with a new beveled mirrored one which masquerades as just a mirror when if fact it is also a medicine chest behind. Update the lighting in the bath if your budget allows. Sconces or overhead lighting using LED bulbs give a clean, white light, all the better to floss by.

What are some fun, rich fabrics I can include in my living room setting?

I'm a big fan of changing pillows and window treatments to freshen a living room. Slipcover your sofas and chairs if they are still in good shape in a neutral fabric and use a bright geometric print which are so popular now. If this is too bold for your taste, then use a classic paisley or stripe which never go out of style. Wide awning stripes on curtains and pillows are just right for homes near the water as they can be very casual or dressed up a bit with just the right trims.

Would you say that lighter colored wood or darker colored is the newer trend?

The dark cherry wood floors that were so popular recently have fallen out of favor as they seem to show every little scratch. Right now, I am pickling the floors in a seaside home to offset the dark furniture. With light colored walls and fabrics, the beautiful furniture stands out much more against the lighter floors.

Silly question, but many interior designers say that pineapples are a new growing trend as a fun kitchen accessory. Do you agree with this? If yes, what are some ways I can integrate this into my kitchen design?

Oh no! Pineapples are taking over for the venerable rooster! Pineapples have been the sign of hospitality for centuries, both here and in Britain where the tradition began to have a pineapple near your front door. A door knocker, or an imprint on a doormat is very common, in the kitchen less so.

If my client really wants pineapples in the kitchen, I would suggest a real one in a lovely bowl or leave the design to a needlepoint pillow, placemats or napkins; all the while being careful not to have the brighter than life tropical version. More the restrained English interpretation is what I have in mind.

What are some fun, timeless design options for my bedroom?

A good room sized rug on hardwood floors always elevates the attractiveness and comfort of a bedroom. Even if you currently have wall to wall carpeting, a rug over carpeting allows pattern and texture to have a home here. If your budget does not allow, then consider two of the same size rug on either side of the bed, making sure that the rugs are placed so that the foot getting out of bed always touches the rug.

Usually 4 x 6's do the trick. Also, try to find a chair whose scale is not overwhelming and place it near a window, facing the window. Even if your view is a brick wall, the chair gives the illusion of lovely vistas just outside.

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

Cashman Interior Design can be reached by calling Mary at 781-738-3701 or 781-598-2009 or by emailing Mary at We would love to hear from you. The initial one hour consultation is always complimentary.

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