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5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

When discussing kitchen appliances, there are the obvious ones like refrigerators, oven and sinks. This article focuses on appliances that can add value to, increase the efficiency of, or in some other way, better the output of your kitchen. The standard appliances and installations that almost all full kitchens have are fridges, sinks, ovens, dishwashers and stoves. The appliances to which the title refers are those which support those central five.

Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is an appliance that is installed under your sink. It grinds up pieces of leftover food waste and washes them down the drain. These pieces of waste would, without the garbage disposal, clog up your drain, causing further problems for your plumbing. This appliance allows you to rinse or wash dishes inside your sink that still have some food waste on them, making rinsing and washing easier and avoiding the smell of built up food waste in your kitchen's trash can. Garbage disposals can be expensive to install but many sinks actually are built with attached. Get one, it will make a difference.

Foreman Grill

The George Foreman grill is an essential choice when considering useful appliances in your kitchen. It is, in short, the best cooking implement ever invented for those who struggle with cooking, especially meat. The grill is caveman simple, healthy, easy to clean and even easier to use and essentially dummy proof. The grills come in a variety of sizes and can be used to cook burgers, chicken, sausages and many other types of foodstuffs. These grills are a Godsend to those for whom using ovens and stoves can be too complicated. Buy them, use them, love them.


Microwaves are one step above Foreman grills in simplicity and only slightly less user friendly. Microwaves can be used to warm up or cook a variety of types of food from the ubiquitous frozen dinner to popcorn. Microwaves are used primarily for quick heating of food that may have been cold or other, less intense, cooking jobs. You should get one if you don't have one.


Mixers are electronic appliances that assist in, well, mixing things. They usually consist of two extensions attached to an apparatus that when put into a bowl or jar allows you to mix at a variety of speeds without having to do so manually and with greater torque than you may be able to provide. Mixers are frequently used when baking cakes but they can be used for a variety of others from purposes in a kitchen, so get one!


Blenders are very helpful. They can be used to mix drinks, to make smoothies, to break up ice or a variety of other uses. Blenders are not only useful for liquids, there are many different types settings that blenders have that allow them to be used for many more purposes than just mixing drinks. Being able to chop up ice, mix different types of liquids or chop and slice softer foods into smaller pieces are all useful abilities to have in the context of a kitchen so get a blender, now!

All kitchens are going to have different needs because of the differences between the owners of those kitchens. Despite these inherent differences, most kitchens have need of very similar appliances and amenities. A garbage disposal, a blender, and the others mentioned earlier in this article are kitchen appliances that can add value and reduce hassle in your kitchen. Go buy them!

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