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5 Reasons To Live In Boston

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

So, you are deciding if you should make the move to Boston, a city of 646,000 inhabitants. Yes, there are other big-city choices in neighboring states, but Beantown is a happening hotspot whether you live in the city proper or within the Greater Boston area. In fact, it ranks high in livability rankings. Here, we discuss five realistic reasons to move to Boston right now.

1. Live History

From prehistory to the American Revolution and modern television, the city has always been a hotspot of happenings. Check out the Bull and Finch Pub, know from the "Cheers" television show. The neighborhoods within Boston proper each have their own historical significance. For instance, Roxbury is known for its rich African-American culture (now showcased in Roxbury's Center for the Arts, Culture and Trade sharing both visual and performing arts). The Boston National Historic Park has several sites relating to the American Revolution. The Bunker Hill Monument is where the first battle of the revolution was fought. The John F. Kennedy Library is housed in the University of Massachusetts campus in Boston.

2. Culture Galore

Boston is a diverse mix of cultures. From the early English and French inhabitants to the late 1800s influx of Irish, Italian, Jewish (Russian and Polish), German, Syrian and Lebanese immigrants, Boston is ever-changing. More recent cultural influences include the Caribbean islands (notably Haiti), Vietnam, India, and Dominican Republic. These diverse cultures means a mix of ethnicities and races, which in turn leads to a variety of foods and entertainment unique to Boston.

3. Spectacular Sports

Red Sox fans will want to see the 103-year old Fenway Park, located in the center of Boston, especially in light of the baseball team's 2013 World Series win in this very spot. But that's not all. Sports fans may also give a cheer and drink some beer for Bruins hockey goals and Celtics basketball scores at nearby TD Garden, or Tom Brady touchdown passes for the New England Patriots and New England Revolution soccer goals a short drive away in Foxboro. There's also a host of other professional sports teams from tennis to lacrosse in the area. For runners, there is the Boston Marathon.

4. Jobs You'll Love

A large (and growing) white-collar job sector have enhanced the employment options in a city known for its blue-collar roots. The Milken Institute rated Boston as the top life sciences area in the United States. Considered a biotechnology hub, the city also has jobs in other technologies, finance and professional and business services. Academia, as well as the city, state and federal governments all offer a high number of area jobs.

5. Higher Learning Counts

Roughly 60 percent of Boston proper residents have college degrees to include completion of bachelors and graduate studies. Many come to the Boston area to attend one of the quality institutes of higher learning, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University in nearby Cambridge, and stay for the great jobs. Well-known schools include Berkelee College of Music, Harvard Medical School and Boston University.

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