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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home without Breaking the Bank

Everyone wants a beautifully decorated home that looks like it's straight out of a magazine - but without having to pay top-dollar prices. Fortunately for you, we have some handy tips and tricks that will help you decorate your home with stellar style on a budget.

1. Tassel garlands will match your furniture and decor, and make any room brighter.

Tassel garlands are one of the hottest trends in home and party decorating, for two reasons: 1) they're colorful, and 2) they can accent basically any space. These garlands are typically made out of tissue paper and come in a variety of colorways - or you can also buy a kit and make your own.

The best thing about tassel garlands is that they're typically between 8-14 feet long, so they can really add some color and pizzazz to a space that's lacking any other decoration. You can choose a color scheme that fits the room you'll be placing it in, and match colors to the ones used in your furniture and other wall decorations.

A tassel garland can also help to tie a room's decor together - let's say you have blues, purples and greys in your living room space, but it doesn't necessarily look cohesive yet. Adding a tassel garland with the same color scheme will make the room's colors blend together seamlessly.

Tassel garlands typically run between $15-30 dollars, but you can also find do-it-yourself garland kits online for even less.

2. Use gold leaf to add some extra flair to any decoration.

Gold leaf is surprisingly inexpensive - and it looks amazing on almost anything. You can add a touch of shine to any wall with a gold leaf initial or word. Simply purchase some wooden block letters at a craft store, apply gold leaf, and hang them on the wall. They will pop against any color wall. You can use the letters to spell out a word, such as love, or simply use the initials of those who live in your home. This idea is perfect for a bedroom or an office, because it adds a personal feel to the space.

For those more adventurous in crafting - use gold leaf to make an abstract canvas painting. This gives you the freedom to include other colors from your space's scheme, making it pop even more against the backdrop of any wall.

3. Hang plates on the wall for a really unique look.

You're used to seeing plates on the kitchen table, not on a living room wall. But plates make wonderful wall decor, in part because they're so unique and are a conversation starter. Just to be safe, you might not want to use plates that are family heirlooms - this trick is best for plates that you buy specifically for this purpose.

If you have a specific colorway in a room, buy plates to match and vary the hues a little to add dimension to the space. If you don't have a color scheme, or have a really plain one, you can use the plates to stand out - buy plate that are decorated with artwork, characters, or words and phrases. Let the plates speak to your personality, and everyone who visits will be asking you about them.

You can buy plate hangers easily at any hardware store, and then search all the artsy shops in your area for creative plates to create a statement piece on your living room wall.

4. Use items from the beach to give your home a summery, natural feel all-year-round.

Collecting shells, sand and sea glass from the beach is easy, and completely free. You can use these to make great decorations that will complement any room and any color scheme. Fill a jar with sand and then top it off with some shells to make a small table centerpiece. Add scattered shells and sea glass to a shallow dish and place it in the bathroom or on one of the tables in your hallway.

Beach collectibles will remind visitors of summer, and will make them feel warm and cozy in your place year-round. It'll also turn your home into a sanctuary during frigid winter months, where you can turn the heat up, grab a blanket, and pretend it's still June.

If you aren't into scavenging for these items yourself, you can also pick them up at any craft store for just a few dollars.

5. Create a shadowbox frame, or a collection of them.

Shadowbox frames are great for so many purposes - collages, quotes, and even just regular photographs. These frames stand out because of their depth, making them visually appealing and a perfect addition to a room. Because of their depth, they also make great collections, and you can buy several in the same size and style them next to one another to create a 'collage of frames.'

These frames are traditionally used to make unique three-dimensional collages known as shadowboxes, but can also be used in more traditional decorations. You can use permanent ink to write quotes on the frames, or you can frame several photographs that go together in a central theme.

Since these frames have depth, they're also great for hanging dimensional objects that you wouldn't typically think to put in a frame - such as colorful holiday ornaments, sea shells, confetti, glitter, and even your children's old baby shoes.

Decorating your home to your heart's content doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Use your decorations to highlight the best features of a space, by drawing the eye's attention to an attractive part of your home like a bay window or a fireplace. With just a few tricks up your sleeve, you're ready to get your decorations together and make your space truly your own.

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