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5 Ways to Keep Energy Costs Down While Selling Your Home

By Tabitha Jean Naylor

Whether you are living in your home or it is vacant during the period you are selling the house it is to your advantage and also any buyer's advantage to keep the energy bills as low as possible. One of the things to keep in mind is the season you plan on selling. Obviously there are benefits to having the house on the market during warmer months when heating is not necessary. No matter when you have your home on the market there are some simple things you can do to reduce your energy costs. Here are 5 ways you can reduce your energy costs.


Change all lighting over to LED's where possible, and add motion sensors so that lights automatically turn off when a room is unoccupied. This step ensures realtors or prospective buyers do not leave lights on by accident. This is especially important for all ceiling fixtures. Lamps can be placed on timers that ensure lights do not stay on all night, or for days at a time.


Another simple thing you can do throughout the house is unplug all appliances and electronics that are not being used. When appliances are plugged in they actually continue to draw power even if they are turned off. Although no appliance on its own costs a lot of extra money, when you add them all up you can actually save a fair amount of money on your monthly bill.

Heating and Air-conditioning

If you are in an area where the heat needs to stay on during the time your home is for sale, or you live in a very warm climate where the air conditioning needs to be on, it is smart to keep the thermostat at 68 or even a bit lower if the house is unoccupied for heating. For air conditioning keep the thermostat a little higher than normal so the air conditioning does not run as long or work as hard to cool the house. Consider adding a programmable thermostat so that you control when and how long the heat, (or air conditioning) runs.


There is no substitute for a well insulated home. Insulation keeps your home warm or cool depending on the season. If you have inadequate insulation, consider adding more insulation to the areas that are not insulated.


Check all windows and doors for air leaks. Add weatherproofing around any leaky windows or doors to prevent heat loss. Close the doors to any unoccupied rooms because this reduces the overall space that you need to heat. Use insulating draperies and blinds in all living areas to add insulation and hold in heat.

By addressing these 5 areas you can help keep your energy costs as low as possible while your home is on the market for sale. Not only will you be happy with the lower bills, so will your buyers. It is also a good way to help educate your buyers about energy efficiency and keeping housing energy costs down.

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Steven Macklin

Excellent list of tips. Heating and air conditioning are two major factors that increase the energy consumptions of our house. Getting a programmable thermostat is a great way to keep the energy

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