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A Handy Checklist for Relocation

By Eleanor Boschert

You've decided to relocate to a new home in Massachusetts. Congrats! Remember to try and time your moving process in sync with your sale, beginning at least six weeks ahead to avoid any potential chaos at moving time. Utilize this checklist to keep your move as stress-free as possible:

Notify, Change, and Gather

It's really never too early to take care of the major details. Notify utilities, family, friends, businesses, work insurance and financial companies, your city hall. Contact schools, medical providers, and veterinarians for records. Put through your USPS change of address online or in person and change your auto registration. Gather legal and financial documents to transfer with you. Create your own moving binder or folder to store the documents related to the move in one place.

Get Rid of It

There is something very liberating about tossing old stuff and getting a fresh start. Sort and purge items that haven't seen the light of day in forever and create three areas to dispose of them.

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Toss
  • Sell

Ask your city hall about how to dispose of the larger items such as furniture or toxic ones such as computers or old paint cans that could be flammable or dangerous.

You can also start using up all your dry goods and emptying out your refrigerator. Toss old supplies and cleaning products.

Find a Moving Company and Supplies

Go online to review ratings for moving and supply companies. You'll need someone honest and reliable to haul your stuff. Get everything in writing, including move date, costs, supply or labor charges, and time frames. Consider what it costs to insure your more valuable items. Make sure you confirm at least once before moving day and especially the day before to avoid snafus. You can also track your moving truck online. Gather bubble wrap, newspapers, the right-sized boxes, duct tape, and permanent markers.

Pack and Label

Start packing the things you use least. Categorize and label boxes. Remember not to pack them too tightly to avoid breakages. Pack items in like rooms with an eye to where you will place them in your new home. Keep in mind your new space and room dimensions.

Keep the Valuable Stuff Safe

Either pack your valuables such as jewelry, essential documents, photos, and electronics to take with you or in a small safe. Or, you might want to think about shipping these items certified mail.

Last Minute Follow-Ups

Refill prescriptions, tune-up your car or verify flight arrangements. Make sure all phones are charged.

Final Run Through

Pack suitcases with enough clothing and sundries for a few days. Don't forget the pets! Unplug and clean out appliances. Put out the trash and make sure the garage and yard are cleaned up. Leave contact information with friends or neighbors. You'll want them to check for errant mail and send it on to you.

On Moving Day

Be ready for the movers. Have an inventory of every item, every box. Have food and water for everyone. Be prepared for payment if part of the contract, and don't forget to include tips for the movers. Depending on your personality, it can either be easier to help them move or just to say your goodbyes and start your journey to your new home.

For further tips on the relocation process, check out Relocation.

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