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A Hearty Cheers for Plymouth's Mayflower Founders

By David Boegaard

Does a beer crafted from the deepest traditions taste better? That's the claim of the Mayflower Brewing Company, based in Plymouth Massachusetts. But to find out for yourself, you'll have to taste the beers yourself. With a small set of unique and distinctive beers, Mayflower Brewing remains true to the spirit of the Mayflower pilgrims, taking a tremendous risk to seek a better world. But just like those pilgrims who landed in Plymouth more than 400 years ago, Mayflower Brewing sets out a new path based in a deep tradition.

Mayflower Brewing Company was founded in 2007 in Plymouth. They built a 9,000 square foot facility, where all the Mayflower Brewing Company's beers are brewed and packaged. The brewery also includes offers tours, and has a charming tasting room for visitors.

The connection to Plymouth's history was not only the name and location. Mayflower Brewing founder Drew Brosseau is the tenth great grandson of John Alden, the beer barrel cooper on the original Mayflower. Alden's responsibilities may seem less than essential, today, but the Mayflower carried thousands of gallons of beer and wine for the approximately 130 passengers. With a grueling trip across the Atlantic, beer and wine were far less likely to make people sick than water, and provided vital nutrients.

Since their initial founding, Mayflower Brewing has developed a distinctive set of craft beers that stay true to their origins by combining tradition with a spirit of adventure. "We offer a set of five beers- Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Porter, IPA and Daily Ration - that we brew year-round that span a range from light to dark, malty to hoppy, and relatively low to moderate alcohol content," says Mayflower Brewing Company Founder and and President Drew Brosseau.

While Mayflower Brewing prides itself on the quality of its standard-bearing brews, they also create a variety of seasonal and limited edition beers, each year. "We brew four seasonal beers that emphasize styles that are appropriate to the time of year," says Brosseau, "and a set of limited edition Cooper's Series beers that give our brewers a chance to experiment with new styles."

Mayflower Brewing distributes throughout New England, and is available on tap at many bars and restaurants. But for curious visitors to Plymouth, or Mayflower Brewing fans, they offer a tour each weekend from 11AM to 4PM. The tours are relaxed and pleasant, with plenty of flexibility for visitors' curiosity. But best of all, visitors get to see the whole process. "Patrons will get an upclose look at the entire brewing and packaging process from grain to glass or can."

For visitors who can't make it during the weekend, Mayflower Brewing is still open for tastings and sales each Wednesday through Friday from Noon to 7PM in a lovely tasting room that that will be expanding soon.

Every Mayflower Brewing Company beer is distinctive and excellent, so it doesn't really matter which one a customer tries first. But for people with particular tastes, Bousseau guides them by their preferences. "We typically ask what other beer they tend to drink and go from there. Light style? Try Golden Ale. Hoppy? Try IPA or Daily Ration. Traditionalist? How about some Pale Ale? Coffee drinker? Try our Porter. And of course the seasonal and Cooper Series beers offer even more choices." Mayflower's basic selection spans the range from light to dark, and from gentle to sharp. There's something for every taste.

Mayflower Brewing Company brings the craftsmanship of the first founders of the colonies, and the highest standards of modern methods, all united by a sense of courage adventure. Try a taste, and discover for yourself.

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