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Adorning the Body with Custom Artwork at Central Square's Eridanos Tattoo & Art Gallery

Eridanos Tattoo & Art Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts breaks the mold of traditional tattoo parlors. Both a custom tattoo shop and contemporary art gallery, Eridanos is located in bustling Central Square and vows to offer a memorable and artistic tattooing experience to each of its clients.

Director at Eridanos, Stephanie Crumley has her work cut out for her. Having forged a solid reputation for itself, Eridanos attracts quite the crowd in no small part because of its talented artists. Crumley thinks that Eridanos is unlike any other tattoo studio in New England because of its insistence on bringing formal art works inside the studio, encouraging the blending of the two art forms.

At the intersection of art and the technical expertise of tattoo artists, you'll see some of the most intricate depictions needled onto people's skin. Customers can choose their own designs and the professional advice of the artist. In addition to a beautiful space with an art gallery rotating monthly, Eridanos' tattoo artists can create equally beautiful works of art on your body that will last a lifetime.

Crumley sums it up well: "We have an intersectional approach to art, celebrating visual and performance art with our monthly pop-ups and exhibits, and apply[ing] the same amount of care and celebration to the human canvas."

Unlike most tattoo parlors which tend to be quite nondescript in appearance, Eridanos has invested genuine effort in making the place feel as one of a kind. Upon first entering the shop, you will quickly grasp what Crumley is talking about.

"Dark wood flooring, high ceilings, atmospheric lighting and large windows aren't your normal tattoo studio fare," Crumley points out. Instead of the tired kitsch you usually spot on many a tattoo parlor wall, you get to feast your eyes on original pen and ink, oil, and acrylic paintings which are part of Eridanos' monthly art exhibit.

There are many places to get a tattoo in Boston. But Eridanos can offer something more than just a quick and impersonal walk-in-and-out. The shop is designed to make you feel at ease with its plush furniture, dark wood tones, coffee table strewn with art books, and Victorian couches, and of course, the rotating art work on the walls. You simply don't see that in other run-of-the-mill parlors.

"We educate every client about the aftercare process in-house and then provide a take-home copy of all of the tattoo aftercare and healing process," Crumley says. In short, the basic instructions are to keep your new tattoo clean, and apply A+D topical ointment for a few days after the procedure. Swimming in pools and making contact with dirty gym equipment can also cause an infection, but most of all, Crumley adds, you should never pick at your scabs while the tattoo is healing.

Some might think that getting a tattoo is too intimidating and dangerous, Crumley says, "but if you treat it like you would a scratch or wound, you should heal perfectly." Luckily, Eridanos artists are always available to answer questions in person or via phone and email. In fact, they are open every day of the week, and can help you with caring for your tattoo or helping you decide whether to get one in the first place.

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