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Aeronaut Brewing Co. Blasts Off In Somerville, Massachusetts

By Paul Rowe

Some time ago, a series of home brewing projects took place in a Somerville kitchen with three friends and housemates. By fall 2012 these friends began to hone their craft. A quest to acquire new and larger brewing equipment with which to experiment with fresh, scientific techniques for flavorful fermentations began to accelerate.

Inspired by their graduate school work in science, the adventures of Ben Holmes and his friends Dan and Ronn eventually grew so bold that they took these three friends out of the kitchen and into the backyard. From these experiments, Aeronaut Brewing Co. emerged to explore brave new worlds of brewing. The first craft brewery in Somerville in over a century, Aeronaut has shaped the face of the community's rich beverage culture.

"We finally graduated into an empty loading bay of the former Ames Envelope Company when we acquired an 8.5-barrel brew house from a Florida brewery," Holmes said. "We opened our doors in 2014 and have been brewing beers and hosting exciting community events every day since."

Since 2014, Aeronaut Brewing Co. has been fueled by a love for science, a staunch advocacy for the Somerville community, and a passion for world class recipes. In their never-ending quest for discovering new beers, Holmes and company have blazed unexplored trails in every biological direction, focusing on yeasts and other microbes that contribute to beer flavor.

Pushing the boundaries of beer flavor through fearless recipe design, creative ingredient-sourcing, and house-cultured fermentation has solidified Aeronaut Brewing Co.'s status in New England's burgeoning craft beer scene. Touting live music that is as electric as its beer menu has also helped separate Aeronaut from other breweries in the area.

With cleverly titled beers such as the Hermann Hesseweizen, a hazy, refreshing wheat with hints of banana and clove, and the Saison of the Western Ghats, a light and spicy French Saison farmhouse ale, there is something on the menu for even the most refined beer aficionados.

Clever twists on American classics helps Aeronaut carve out a name for itself amidst a sea of Boston breweries. The American IPA known as Orangutan Skies brings tropical citrus hops and smooth bitterness to a tried and true classic, while the Wiesner adds a floral, fruity wheat twist to the traditional New England IPA.

Through brewing world class beer, amplifying the voice of Somerville's tightly knit community, and supporting arts and culture, Aeronaut Brewing Co. has boldly gone where no brewery has gone before.

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