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An Organization in Winchester Empowering the Chinese Race

Every child is eager to learn, and every parent wants to give their child the best tools possible to be successful and fully appreciate what the world as to offer. Opportunities for academic and cultural enrichment can sometimes be hard to come by, but Boston-area families are fortunate to have an excellent resource near their doorstep- the Winchester School of Chinese Culture.

Located less than 10 miles from downtown Boston, the Winchester School of Chinese Culture (WSCC) welcomes students interested in learning Mandarin Chinese and participating in extracurricular activities including rhythmic gymnastics, foil-style fencing, chess, kung fu, Chinese painting and drawing, and more.

School Administrator and Director of Teaching and Learning Annie Wang says WSCC is about more than exposing children to Chinese culture- the school strives to have a positive impact on entire families.

Many Chinese families come [to the United States] to study or work, but do not know much about Western society?such as the school systems, tax returns, government operations, elections, or social activities," says Wang. "The Chinese school becomes a community center for parents, who can meet to exchange information and experiences that will help them to better fit in society.

Although many students are of Chinese heritage, children from all ethnic backgrounds are welcome at WSCC. Nearly 400 students from approximately 25 Boston-area towns participate in WSCC's programs.

Cultural exchange is a huge benefit to families affiliated with the school, but Wang points out that the school also helps empower Boston's Chinese community as a whole by bringing Chinese cultural activities into the public spotlight at various public events. For example, WSCC may feature a table selling traditional, handmade items at an arts and crafts show, or schedule a Chinese dance performance at a local recital. WSCC also organizes its own cultural events for the community to enjoy, such as the Chinese New Year celebration.

Additionally, WSCC takes steps to educate parents about democracy and the impact that public service can have on their community by holding weekly seminars to introduce non-profit organizations to Chinese parents. Many parents then choose to join these organizations in order to take part in community improvement efforts.

Chinese culture enjoys a rich 5,000-year history, and WSCC prides itself in helping those traditions continue in the United States and in giving immigrant families the knowledge and support necessary to flourish in a new country. Parents who are interested in exposing their children to a new culture or discipline, want their child to connect with their Chinese heritage, or are interested in becoming more involved with their community will find what they are looking for at WSCC, which has proudly served Boston-area families since 2004.

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