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Artwork Part 1: Choosing

Art is cool. Carefully chosen, tasteful pieces of artwork really do a lot to bring rooms together. Great art is interesting, attractive, and, if we're being honest, expensive. The best way to address the expenses and logistical issues that tend to arise with paintings is to make sure that you know which paintings to use before beginning the process of bringing artwork into your environment.

Choose Ye this Day

Picking the right type of artwork for your home or apartment is the first stage in the process of bringing culture to your castle. What type of decor is your home working with? What is the color scheme in the room you're considering for the artwork? What kind of furniture do you have in the rooms that you want to decorate? All of these factors become pertinent when you're thinking about bringing artwork into your equation.

Another important factor to consider is what kinds of artwork you actually like. Don't put something up for someone else's benefit; you're the one who has to live there. What types of imagery bring you joy? Do scenic landscapes do it for you? Are abstract paintings your cup of tea? Personal taste is one of most important parts of the artwork equation.

Match the set up, the lighting, and the decor of the rooms into which you'll be bringing this new artwork so that your paintings are reflective of who you are but also the context that you're bringing into the art.

Which Room?

Not every room is fit for artwork. You probably don't need a Van Gogh in your laundry room. If you have the budget for well-made artwork in every room, more's the better but for everyone else choosing a room is necessary. Rooms in which you'll be spending much of your time and where you'll be entertaining folks that you'd like to impress are your best bets. That said, some rooms don't have the appropriate setup for artwork so you'll need to make decisions that are informed by this reality. Living rooms work great for artwork due to the lack of possibly damaging traffic and their purposes: hosting and spending time with family. Kitchens, on the other hand, may not be as useful for these purposes because, though kitchens are high traffic areas, they have a lot of things going on there; fumes and the like; that could damage nice artwork.

Choosing artwork is the first piece in adding culture to rooms in your home. Keep in mind that its important to factor in your situation when considering putting artwork into your home, so your experiences may vary. Good luck and enjoy!

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