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Artwork Part 2: Installing

Art is cool. Carefully chosen, tasteful pieces of artwork really do a lot to bring rooms together. Great art is interesting, attractive, and, if we're being honest, expensive. The best way to address the expenses and logistical issues that tend to arise with paintings is to make sure that you know how best to install artwork before beginning the process of bringing artwork into your environment.

Location, location, location

Artwork, as a general rule, isn't necessarily heavy. That said, one should not assume that you can install artwork, especially artwork requiring more than a hammer, a nail, and a leveling tool, just any old where. The more involved (and heavy) your artwork is, the more you'll have to be careful about where on a wall that you're thinking of placing the art. To make sure that the section of the wall you're considering is suitable for hanging up any of the above, its important to find the beams. The locations of beams in the walls are the places where the supports in the house designed to keep everything up, as opposed to random pieces of drywall. The beams are the places in which you should install any of attachments that you're using for heavier artwork.

Placement and Spacement

Rooms into which you're thinking of adding paintings have layouts. Duh. So figure out which areas you want to highlight and draw your eyes, or the eyes of others, to when people are in the room. Also evaluate your lighting set up so that you're placing the picture where it can be best appreciated based on the structure of the room.

People considering adding artwork to rooms should also consider what else is in the room currently. Are there are features of the room that may be better suited for placement elsewhere? Do you have other artwork that you'd like to show off? Moving artwork around the house will be an experimental process so think carefully when installing artwork so that you don't have to do it twice (or 10 times.)

Installing artwork is the second and most literal piece in adding culture to rooms in your home. Keep in mind that its important to factor in your situation when considering your installation efforts, so your experiences may vary. Good luck and enjoy!

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