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At Tranquil Souls, Yoga Is The Gift You Give To Your Spirit

By S. Mathur

Tranquil Souls Yoga studio promotes greater connection as the road to greater peace. The connections can be physical or emotional, says Founder and Director Heather Martin.

"In recognizing that our arm is indeed in relationship with our back, our emotions are indeed in relationship with our physical sensations, our selves are indeed able to relate to others, and to nature, we are uniting ourselves with something bigger, even universal," she said. "When we feel disconnected, either to our own bodies, our emotions, others, or nature, there is usually some block that has taken us away from presence, that has interrupted our ability to practice awareness. Yoga asana is one vehicle back into connection, through awareness of sensation."

As a neighborhood studio in Franklin MA, Tranquil Souls welcomes everyone, regardless of age, body size and level of flexibility.

"Tranquil Souls Yoga is community of humans who are passionate about yoga," Martin said. "Whether you are beginning your practice, or you are an advanced yogi looking for a studio to call home, our instructors are here to guide you as you grow your practice and provide you with the best experience possible. We welcome everyone to take off their shoes and join us on this journey."

Everyone, from beginners to advanced yogis, can benefit from yoga. The health benefits are well known and include greater muscle strength and flexibility, improved bone health and blood flow, and lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Yoga also promotes greater mental clarity and the ability to focus. Martin discovered these benefits for herself when she began practicing yoga to help her recover from injuries.

The most important thing to bring to class, she says, is your own self. The studio has a range of props like mats, bolsters, blocks etc. for members to use. A unique offering is the yoga with Barre class. This is a fast paced workout with elements of Pilates, Yoga, and dance. The non-impact moved target each group of muscles through intense isometric movements. It ends with elongating stretches inspired by dance movements.

Occasional retreats include yoga trips to Belize and Montego Bay, Jamaica. There are also special Spring and Snow Yoga retreats. Workshops for special age groups like girls and teens, and on special topics including meditation, reiki and mantras and mudras help members to deepen their knowledge and practice.

Martin and her fellow instructors at Tranquil Souls bring their training and experience to helping their students nurture their minds, bodies and spirits. Yoga is a gift you give to your spirit, says Martin. With gift certificates, you can also share the Tranquil Souls experience with others.

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