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Authentic Italian and Fresh Seafood in the Heart of Massachusetts

In Somerville, Massachusetts, Italian food is making a breakthrough?starting at Pescatore, a quaint restaurant focused on bringing Italian Cuisine and a Seafood Grille together in one place. Having been called a Hidden Gem, and winning several awards, Pescatore is paving the way for a new kind of dining experience?one mouth at a time.

"Seafood is very important to Italian cuisine," explains Anna Buonopane, Owner of Pescatore. "Because Italy is a peninsula, most Italians eat seafood as a normal staple in the cuisine." She giggles, adding, "Also, I am from Gaeta which is a sea-side town in the Adriatic Sea, and it's Somerville's sister city."

According to Buonopane, there are quite a number of misconceptions held by Americans about Italian cuisine. "Italian cuisine is often very light," she details. "Most Americans think Italian food is heavily fried, like Chicken Parm." She points out another misconception, that everything is heavily topped with tomato sauce. "Depending on where you are from in Italy, most Italian food is made from scratch using seasonal ingredients and is very light without butter or heavy sauces."

So far, those who have tried Pescatore can't get enough. The fusion eatery has been bestowed with several awards, including Best of Boston Award, Best Seafood, and Boston Magazine's Best for Fried Clams award.

If you haven't visited Pescatore before, Buonopane has some recommendations for you, to ensure you really get the most out of your first visit. "I would recommend the Fettuccine with smoked salmon as I think it gives the creaminess people desire from Italian food and lightness from the smoked salmon," she says, although she doesn't stop there.

She continues, adding Fusilli Amalfi to the list of must-tries. She describes it as homemade fusilli pasta, lobster, shrimp, scallops, and broccoli di rapi. She finishes the list by adding a fan-favorite, saying, "Customers love our fried fish platters, especially the fisherman's platter with heaps of fish and shellfish and our own onion strings."

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