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Bakeries Going Fresh and Homemade: Featuring Tatte Bakery & Cafe and When Pigs Fly Bakery

By Kristen Bosse

There are several bakeries throughout Brookline, nearly one on every street. However, not all of them are great bakeries. There are several things that go into determining whether a bakery is a good one. For one, the bakery should be filled with a good assortment of goodies for their customers. Whether it is fresh baked bread, or homemade pastries, the bakery should have something for everyone's particular taste. The bakery should also have something unique about them that catches the customer's attention. This may be a specialty food item that they are known for, or even some cool décor that can't be duplicated. Both When Pigs Fly and Tatte Bakery do an amazing job at giving their customers delicious food in their own distinctive, welcoming environments.

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Venture down the road a bit and you will stumble upon another Brookline gem- Tatte Bakery & Café. Tzurit Or started Tatte in 2007, baking 20 hours a day in her home kitchen and selling her delicious creations to Boston farmers' markets. After only one summer, Tatte expanded to its first brick-and-mortar bakery in Brookline, MA. Everything is handmade from raw ingredients with extreme care and attention to detail. They have to be one-of-a-kind and delicious, or they won't be Tatte. Bakery Founder Tzurit Or is a self-trained pastry chef originally from Israel, where she learned how to cook alongside her mother. Her cooking style carried over into the United States, where she continued to cook fresh and simple offerings for her customers.

A simple walk up to the window will give you a glimpse into the perfection of each bakery creation. Their Nut Boxes, cakes, tarts, cookies and pastries are unique in their artful look and their flavors. Perhaps the pastry they are best known for, the Nut Box, is offered in almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, walnut or mixed nut. This decadent tart is prepared with a flaky, buttery crust and topped off with a moist center and glazed nuts. They are extremely popular as holiday gifts, corporate catering, or even individual pleasure with their mini Nut Boxes. If you're not too hot about nuts, try their famous croissants or even the chef's favorite pear tart or light cheesecake!

Lets not forget about all of the savory creations that have become increasingly popular as more and more locations open around the city. House made bread and challa is baked fresh every day. Without a doubt their most popular savory offering is their traditional shakshuka- a North African dish made with tomatoes, bell peppers, and poached eggs. Pair this dish with a slice of crusty bread and you are sure to leave with a new favorite dish. Their breakfast sandwiches are always a hit, made with homemade, flaky croissants. These same croissants are used for their croque monsieur dish made with melted Gruyere, ham, and some Mornay sauce. These selections and more are available all week long, with brunch being served all day, every day on the weekends! Leave your skinny jeans at home and get ready to indulge in some of Europe's most appetizing and decadent comfort foods.

Nowadays, Tatte Bakery & Café is known as one of the best bakeries in Greater Boston for fresh, homemade sweet and savory creations. All of their locations are seen with lines out the door during breakfast and lunch. "Sometimes people eat when there is snow outside just to grab a seat!", Or exclaims. "It makes my heart happy and I would hug each one of my customers if I could." With recipes coming straight from the heart of the chef, and flavor combinations that tickle your taste buds, its no wonder Tatte draws a crowd. Today, Tatte has three more locations in Cambridge and a fifth location opening this February in Boston's glorious Beacon Hill.

When Pigs Fly Bakery

For over twenty years now, When Pigs Fly Bakery has been known for making old-world, artisan breads fresh every day. With five stores stretching out over New England, people from all over come to taste classic and specialty breads, each made with the finest, high quality ingredients. Don't live in the area? No problem! The bakery also has a website that allows for online ordering and delivery to your door!

Their bread is hard to resist for a few reasons. First, ingredients they use are undoubtedly fresh, and conjured up into unusual combinations that are hard to resist. Walk-in customers are free to try a slice of any bread so they can try and choose from over 25 bread varieties. Perhaps you'll end up with their classic cinnamon raisin, sourdough, or pumpernickel. If you're feeling funky, try their cranberry bread filled with chunks of orange, toasted walnuts, and cranberries. If you're looking for something savory, try their most popular selection, a Ciabatta filled with baby spinach, onion and garlic. Whether you have a sweet or savory tooth, the bakery has something delicious for you to enjoy.

So how exactly do they make these mouth-watering bread varieties? Andrew Siegel, brother of its original Founder Ron Siegel, was nice enough to tell us about this long, detailed process. "Each loaf from start to finish takes almost 30 hours. There are several steps and all are as important as each other. By using our sourdough process, proofing the dough for a lengthy period, using delicious ingredients, and baking on the hearth, we are able to create bread that is bursting with lots of flavor."

The town of Brookline has really taken a liking to the bakery, claiming that their bread "tastes just like what grandma used to make". Take a walk over to this unassuming small shop on Beacon Street, and you are bound to find it packed with residents all hours of the day. Don't miss your chance- head over to the shop before its all gone!

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