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Bathroom Flooring Types: Ceramic, Tile And Vinyl

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Options for bathroom floors must be durable and able to withstand high moisture. Add in affordability, and that leaves ceramic tile and vinyl flooring as the two best bathroom flooring choices. Below,we'll feature these two flooring types to give you a better perspective on which type to choose.


These tiles are durable, come in many colors, sizes and textures and easily hold up to moisture and stains. In fact, they are resistant to scratches or chips and may last a lifetime. Certified slip-resistant tiles are best for bathroom use, as they have texture to their surface preventing falls. While more expensive than vinyl, ceramic provides a classier look and can be set into a variety of patterns through color choices, size and/or orientation. Mosaic ceramic tiles are small and come pre-installed on mesh sheets, so there are less "tiles" to install. Grout colors can accentuate the look and really make the floor stand out. Ceramic tiles are best installed by a professional, so do-it-yourselfer types beware. Although chilly on bare feet, use of a bath mat alleviates the winter coldness.


A more practical choice than ceramic, vinyl flooring comes in sheet and tile forms. The peel-and-stick tiles have a tendency to pull up over time with moisture getting into its seams, but are easy for homeowners to install. The sheet form will provide a longer-lasting (up to 20 years), easy-to-clean, stain-resistant floor. This is the go-to bathroom flooring option of those with young children. The choices of old are long gone. Today, there is an extensive range of styles with thicker (read: more expensive) vinyl mimicking rock or stone, providing a natural appearance and texturing to keep falls to a minimum. Thinner vinyl, while less costly, is subject to tears and scratches. On the plus side, a layer of felt can be placed underneath vinyl sheeting to soften the fall for those of any age or just make walking on it more pleasant.

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Brian Brooks

We have recently replaced our bathroom tile with ceramic tiles and concrete countertop with granite. />]


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