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Best Strength Training in Newton: Featuring The Studio Empower and The Weight Room

By Kristen Bosse

What's an activity that can help you stay strong, burn calories, and build healthy bones? Believe it or not, it is strength training. Before you start thinking that this type of exercise is not for you, take some time to learn about the benefits it brings and where to practice it in the Greater Boston area. Both The Studio Empower and The Weight Room are two great facilities when it comes to building muscle tone, and receiving guidance throughout your strength-training journey.

The Studio Empower

If you are looking for a fun, unique, and most importantly EFFECTIVE class when it comes to building lean muscle, look no further than The Studio Empower in Newton Centre. Founded by LA Celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree, this "Pilates Plus" class features high intensity, low impact exercises done on their Megaformer M3 fitness machine. Although the name of this machine may sound intimidating and reminiscent of a transformer, it is specially built to help you workout multiple muscles at once, therefore giving you faster results. Co-Owner and Head Trainer Bobby Negron explained further how this machine and the "Lagree" method help you achieve results fast.

"The Lagree Method has a primary goal and that is to achieve muscle failure. We obtain this muscle failure quickly with slow and controlled movements while working multiple muscles with each exercise we do. The slow movements will create a constant tension, which will trigger your slow twitch/aerobic muscle fibers. The slower you do each exercise, the more intense you will make the workout and the more calories you will burn."

The Lagree fitness method is a full body workout that combines strength, core training, cardio, endurance, balance, and flexibility. This machine, or "torture device" as some people call it, completely transforms the average Pilates session into a workout in its own category. Another great thing about this workout is the lack of stress on your joints. The moving parts of the machine allow for maximum intensity, with no direct impact on these parts of your body. This intensity can even have the body shaking at different parts of the workout. Negron claims that trainers say, "Embrace the Shake!" After all, this means your body is working hard.

The Weight Room

Pilates based workouts not exactly your thing? Go for a more standard approach and visit the Weight Room in Newton Upper Falls. This comprehensive training facility offers great fitness equipment such as squat racks, Olympic Weightlifting platforms with bumper plates, a full rack of dumbbells, etc. With training programs based on science and not fads, they guarantee you will see results after utilizing this equipment and sticking to their diet plans. Owner Dave Coffin explains why practicing strength training is not only important to building muscle, but also living a healthier lifestyle.

"At The Weight Room we always make the focus on improving body composition rather than just losing weight. Strength training is the best tool for improving body composition because it adds muscle, which is metabolically active tissue. This is important because the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn at rest. In addition, strength training helps to make activities of daily living easier and also increases bone mineral density as we age."

The true thing that sets Coffin's facility apart from other comparable gyms is their personalized approach to working with clients. Each trainer will work with the member to configure an individualized training program, that caters to their specific needs. Their semi-private training sessions allow for general fitness enthusiasts to train alongside athletes of all levels, creating an inclusive, "no judgement" environment. Coaches will guide each person through exercises that correlate to their level of experience. For example, Coffin says that he recommends for beginners to start with push ups, bodyweight squats, and bodyweight lunges to get the body ready for strength training. If you are a bit strapped for cash- no worries! The facility offers a general membership for program design for those on a tighter budget.

After looking at both classes and speaking with the Owners, the one key thing to remember is the importance of strength training. Incorporating weights into your workout will preserve muscle mass and help provide a balance to your aerobic workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there!

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Lucas Horsfall

Looking the facilities/equipments, clients are definitely will join this training. Your physical endurance is tested with the different approaches plus considering the trainer-client good relationship

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