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Bloom Massage Therapy Views Massage as Essential Part of Full-Body Health Care

Specializing in muscular and craniosacral therapy, Bloom Massage Therapy is owned by Jennifer Kenneally, a licensed massage therapist. Located in Newtonville, MA, Kenneally hopes that her business will help the community realize that massage is an essential part of a healthy body.

"A lot of people unfortunately see massage therapy as a luxury," Kenneally said. "They think they only deserve one on their birthday or on a vacation. My mission as a massage therapist is to get people to understand that massage is a necessary part of your health care routine."

During her massages, Kenneally combines techniques from Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point massage therapies to customize each appointment for the client. She offers a special massage for those who sing, designed to open and relax the ribs, diaphragm and throat for improved performance. She said this treatment option is also great for clients with asthma.

Craniosacral therapy is considered the most popular form of treatment at Bloom Massage Therapy. Craniosacral therapy uses gentle touch to free up restrictions in the body from the inside, out. It's non-invasive, relaxing and powerful, according to Kenneally, and ideal for those who have migraines, insomnia, anxiety, chronic neck or back pain, and many more ailments.

"Our society encourages us to ignore pain and to only treat the symptoms, instead of the underlying cause," Kenneally said. "So when we have muscular pain, we typically just take a pill and carry on with our day. When we go to the gym to exercise our muscles, we understand that we won't get bulging biceps and washboard abs if we only go once or twice a year. We accept that we must go frequently to achieve our goals. The same is true of massage."

Bloom Massage Therapy can also come to corporate offices and provide chair massages for employees. Kenneally cites studies that have shown even a short 10 minutes of massage can have a dramatic effect on the body, reducing stress levels and improving productivity for the rest of the workday.

Pricing at Bloom Massage Therapy starts at $45 for 30 minutes, and services can be booked for up to 90 minutes. Packages are also available for those who want regular appointments. Sets of five or ten massages can be purchased at one time. Appointments can be booked online at

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