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Boston Residents Have Fallen in Love with this Modern Spin on a Classic Taiwanese Drink

Cambridge, Massachusetts is known for being a college town. With its bubbling youth, happening music scene, and professional sectors, it's a bustling mixture of vibrant cultures, genres, and people. It's only logical that the eateries dotting the surrounding areas be just as eclectic and fresh as the culture and scene taking place.

Tealosophy, located next to Union Square, is one of those diverse places.

The store front was opened in 2014 with one thought in mind -- to provide the best Taiwanese teas and desserts. Wanting to capture the attention of the varied patrons in the area, Tealosophy was opened in a prime location (convenient for both walkers and drivers) and offers a fun, vibrant atmosphere for guests to relax, unwind, and hang out.

Despite the name, Tealosophy is more than just tea. The possibilities of what you'll find within their menu will boggle you, leaving you wanting to try everything. One of their most popular draws is the 'xue hua bing,' or Shaved Snow. This frozen treat is a creamy delicacy, which some say is more refreshing than ice cream while containing much more flavor than frozen yogurt. It is light, creamy, and bursting with flavor.

"Our shaved snow doesn't contain additives, is low in sugar, and is made from pure fruit juice that creates a bold, sweet taste," says Eric Zhou, owner of Tealosophy. Another perk? This healthy dessert has fewer than 100 calories in each 16-ounce serving.

Of course, there isn't a better place when looking for a variety of teas. You'll find everything from bubble tea to fruit juice and tea combos at Tealosophy. The best part about drinking tea? There are some great health benefits to this fanciful liquid. The drink boosts circulation and has a lower caffeine content than its coffee counterpart. You can even tailor the type of tea to what you're looking to benefit from the most. For example, green tea and honey can help reduce cold and flu symptoms, whereas ginger tea can help eliminate bloating from overconsumption.

While you're sipping your smooth-blended tea, eating your chewy tapioca balls, or devouring your shaved snow, you can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere within the walls of Tealosophy. "Tealosophy offers a fun environment to relax, study, and socialize," states Zhou.

Free WiFi is available to patrons who are looking to study or merely surf the web. Board games are readily available to those looking to kick back and have some fun with friends or family. And seating is plentiful, allowing you to really settle in and spend an afternoon without having to shuffle out of the seats to make room for the next guest.

Tealosophy is the perfect blend of environment, product, and culture?completely befitting of the Cambridge area.

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