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Brick Home Benefits

By Colleen Colkitt

Choosing between brick and wood siding is an important choice when either buying a house or building one. Many people worry about the dangerous effects of PVC siding because of the negative impact it has on the environment and health of surrounding people. As for wood, termite damage and rotting take a major toll on the value and functionality of the house. Brick is possibly a more expensive route to go, but it will save you money in the long run and ultimately look and work the best!

Weather Resistant

Brick is a unique material with thermal qualities. This means it is a dense material capable of storing heat as well as keeping you cool during warm weather. Perfect for any type of climate, bricks have the ability to store and distribute heat throughout the home during cold winters. During rough times of heat and humidity, bricks can keep the home cool even during the hottest weather.


Not much needs to be done to maintain brick's look and function. A simple spray-down with a hose will work just fine for at least the first 25 years, and after that it's just a matter of repairing any chips or fallen rocks, which usually only happens in areas prone to severe storms.

You don't have to worry about painting or rotting or denting. Structures made of brick still stand today, and the material is extremely low maintenance.

Investment Value

For homeowners, brick is an investment especially for those who are interested in long-term benefits. Since brick is a reliable material, it will hold against wind and storms better than wood houses. Less damage occurs to bricks in high storm areas than wood or other materials.

Brick exterior will add, on average, at least 6% to the resale value of a home. Many people use the brick material as an attractive selling point for interested buyers. It is only about 3-5% more than it would be for vinyl siding. Since it is fire and termite resistant, and sturdy during storms, insurance rates might be lower for brick homes. You will benefit from the beauty and also practical nature of brick when going to sell your home.

Brick As A Statement

No one can deny the beauty that brick adds to a home. Whether it be the outside of an entire house, or just a portion of the exterior, brick has a certain sophisticated statement that won't be ignored by neighbors. It looks classy and sturdy, not to mention it has sound absorbing qualities for added privacy as well. Adding brick to an arch or fireplace will serve as a great accent to your home!

Different types of clay can produce a wide variety of colors so finding hues to match your color-scheme will not be a problem at all! Coating techniques, combined with all-natural textures and patterns from the stone creates virtually endless possibilities. Brick just looks better, and in the long run it will really pay off!

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