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Brookline Artist Series: Art That Has No Boundaries, Part 2

By Kristen Bosse

When a person thinks of the word "Art", they most commonly think of a painting or two, perhaps hanging up in a gallery or displayed on their wall. There are forms of art that are simply more common than others, for example painting, drawing, singing or playing music, etc. However, the official definition of art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination to produce works for beauty or emotional power". That being said, something that is considered "art" does not have to be in a specific form whatsoever. In fact, inspiration can be found almost anywhere and (with some skill) can be created into something amazing. In the words of famous country singer K.D. Lang, "Look- art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries. Art doesn't really have judgment in it's purest form. So just go, just go."

Helena Hsieh and The Quiet Moment

Another artist making waves in the Brookline Art Scene is Helena Hsieh, widely recognized for her paintings that capture the simplicity of a single point in time. Her work has been exhibited nationally and was selected to be one of 30 artists in the "30 Under 30" Exhibition at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. She has been featured in Fresh Paint Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, Art Business News and New American Paintings. She is perhaps best known for creating art that addresses the quiet, the silence, the intimacy, and the immensity of a single point in time. "There is a quiet simplicity at first glance, and yet a second look reveals much more depth and possibility", Hsieh claims. "It is this mysterious and elusive quality that I seek to capture in my work. I definitely wanted them to come across as "real time", as if the moment just happened."

Over the years, Helena has been actively involved in the Brookline Open Studios community. Many times she has participated in and shown her art at the Brookline Open Studios, as well as teaching art classes at Brookline Adult & Community Education. Much of her inspiration stems from the architecture and history of Brookline itself. "Many of the buildings I've lived in and visited are turn of the last century or older. The buildings here reflect not only the generation that built them but also the succeeding generations that inhabit them. My paintings are based on photographs I've taken in historic buildings located in Brookline that I've lived in."

Helena's art is a great example of artwork that pushes boundaries because of its inherent simplicity. While some may picture art as these extravagant paintings with exaggerated illustrations (much like pieces of Van Gogh, "Starry Night"), Hsieh pushes this assumption aside by creating beautiful and moving pieces that are quite minimalist. The amount of recognition she has received in Brookline and other areas of the country proves that others also enjoy her minimalist approach.

For more information about Helena and to see some more of her amazing pieces, check out her website here:

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