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BugZilla Makes Mouse Calls and More to Rid Homeowners of Pests

By Pamela Sosnowski

Few things are more hair-raising for a homeowner then dealing with an unwanted pest problem, whether the offender is mice, roaches, or bed bugs. But homeowners living on the north shore or in the Merrimack Valley have a trusted friend in Ivan Costa, the owner (and self-proclaimed "Chief Pest Ninja") of Rockport-based BugZilla. He's seen it all and thankfully has no problem with entering a tight space that's infested with rodents or other creepy crawly insects.

"Pest control isn't rocket science; it's a skill, requiring experience, applied knowledge, and sometimes a little cooperation from the critters you're trying to control," Costa said. "What separates Bugzilla is value added service, "I always deliver more than what's expected by the customer."

Bugzilla also stands out from traditional exterminator companies in that Costa also offers eco-friendly pest control solutions that are safer for people and pets. Recent technological refinement of application methods with modern pesticides (traditional or botanical) when skillfully applied, are safer, effective, and provide more comprehensive pest control. Costa also strives to deliver exceptional customer service. He responds to customers in a timely manner and says that in most cases pests are eliminated with one house call because the job is done right the first time.

"Every time my phone rings, whether it's a new customer or an account I currently service, it's 'go' time," he said. "Whether it's taking the time to advise (sometimes this requires my being a therapist in the case of a bed bug infestation) or just walking someone through the steps of mouse proofing a home."

Although the majority of his clients call for help with ridding a home of mice, ants, termites, bees, ticks, and more, Costa is also experienced in removing squirrels, bats, raccoons, rats, and chipmunks from a dwelling as well. In those cases, he uses a humane treatments. He also stays educated on the latest developments in the pest removal industry and employs several licensed and fully trained "Zilla Techs" that assist him on jobs.

Costa has a few tips for homeowners to help keep rodents and insects away from a residence.

"In the pest control industry there's a term called IPM, aka Integrated Pest Management," he said. "It may be nothing more than repairing your window screens, keeping up with sanitary conditions both inside and outside the home, and making needed repairs to prevent intrusion of both pests and water. In other words, listen to your pest pro's recommendations."

Costa is fully licensed and insured, offers a money-back guarantee, and has been described by his customers as reliable, detail-oriented, and personable. He takes the time to fully explain his solutions and the products he uses, and welcomes any questions from his customers.

A full description of treatment for each kind of pest, plus fees, are listed on his website at

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