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Cambridge Forum Gears up to Celebrate the Big 5-0, Welcomes All Voices to Public Radio

As one of public radio's longest running programs dedicated to free, live public discussion, Cambridge Forum is soon to celebrate its 50th anniversary. CF broadcasts from Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA and features speakers from all disciplines: politics, technology, international affairs, the environment and more.

Mary Stack acts as Executive Director for Cambridge Forum and her background in media as a journalist and network TV documentary producer, brings years of experience to the Cambridge non-profit organization.

"Cambridge Forum events cover all sorts of issues from foreign policy to friendship, from the social implications of digital technology to the future of food," Stack says. "Our discussions include the arts, economics, culture, politics, history and philosophy, so topics can range from Cuban poetry to climate change and everything in between."

Listeners can tune into Cambridge Forum on the organization's website and explore past episodes. They can also catch the latest NPR broadcasts via their local radio stations and watch video presentations via WGBH Forum Network on YouTube. The Cambridge Forum archives provide further opportunities to enjoy speakers from all walks of life and schools of thought, including: Naomi Klein, Senator Robert Byrd, Stephen Jay Gould, James Carroll, Rabbi Harold Kushner, Noam Chomsky, amongst others. The live forums provide a unique space for the public to comment and converse with others who have opinions on the topic at hand.

"Forums contribute to public discourse by providing a place for live discussion with the desire to open up minds to new ideas, issues and developments; in addition to providing opportunities for further exploration," Stack says. "We gather some of the sharpest and most successful people in their respective fields in order to create educated, thoughtful discussion that encourages intelligent and respectful dialogue. Our purpose is to provide inspiration and information and to help create a more informed public."

Cambridge Forum welcomes everyone to its live programs, which are usually recorded in First Parish Church in Harvard Square. "All that is required to become part of the discussion is to show up. The events are usually scheduled on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. but specific details are posted on our website which is"

"Over the past half century, we have produced hundreds of public programs featuring renowned speakers such as Nelson Mandela, Lester Brown and J.K. Rowling, to name but three," Stack says. "All programs are free and open to the public, and the time-honored format allows for the principles of free inquiry and freedom of speech."

If you'd like to learn more about the Cambridge Forum and get involved, please sign up for their newsletter by emailing Mary at

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