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Carpet Care Basics

Carpets can range in materials, texture, areas of the home and other properties. There are, however, some generally applicable principles for keeping carpets clean and manageable. The first piece of keeping carpets well maintained is preventative; literally keeping them from getting messy so that cleaning is unnecessary. The second piece of keeping carpets well maintained is reactive; cleaning them when they've become messy or stained.


Preventative carpet maintenance is the simplest and most proactive way to keep carpets well maintained. Solutions for preventative carpet maintenance range ideas as simple as not walking through your house or apartment with muddy shoes, through carpet treatments that you can use before any messes occur.

Carpet pads are a good way to extend the life of carpets and help in keeping them clean. Carpet padding is a type of padding that rests under your carpet. One of the major ways that carpet padding can benefit the cleanliness and utility of your carpeting is by allowing greater airflow, and therefore greater potential dirt removal, when you're vacuuming in your home or apartment.

Furniture movement can be a significant factor in protecting and maintaining your carpet. Firstly, it's important to move your heavy furniture semi-regularly so that you don't encounter crushing to an excessive degree. Crushing is, for all intents and purposes, what it sounds like; when things on top of the carpet are weighted enough to push down heavily on the surface of the carpet and leave indentations, which left unmitigated, can result in damage over time. You can also use carpet protectors under the legs of heavy pieces of furniture like couches, tables and chairs to avoid damaging your carpet as well. When moving wheeled furniture to avoid crushing, its important to place barriers between the carpet and the wheels. Using heavy cardboard or plywood as barriers between wheels and the floor can help protect the carpet during the process of moving furniture.

Reducing your carpet's exposure to sunlight is a good way to protect your carpet from damage as well. Using blinds, curtains or other means to block incoming sunlight can keep your carpet attractive and resilient for longer periods of time.

DIY Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet doesn't only have to be a job for the professionals, there are reactive measures that you can take to keep your carpet safe and well maintained.

One of the major considerations when taking reactive measures to keep your carpet clean is the moisture of the carpet. It's important to use equipment which will have enough vacuum power to dry your carpet in 12 hours or less after cleaning. The reason that the carpet drying is so important is the propensity for bacteria and mold to grow if carpets get too wet for too long. One way to expedite drying time is to use fans and dehumidifiers or air conditioners to move air and reduce moisture from it. Make sure to use cleaning solution with a pH balance of around 9. Also ensure that you clean the detergent off completely due to the residue's propensity for attracting particles after cleaning, making cleaning remaining detergent off into a more difficult task.

Taking care of your carpet isn't simple or easy but it can be feasible if you use the correct preventative and reactive measures. Use these tips and keep the carpet clean and attractive in your home or apartment. As always, do your own research, and make sure to check out your warranty, when considering carpet care. Good luck!

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