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Chakra Power Yoga Says Yoga Is For Everyone

Chakra Power Yoga wants you to know one thing: yoga is for everybody.

Despite the misconception that yoga is for the physically fit, yoga is an everyman's activity. Regardless of age, shape, or fitness level, yoga can be beneficial to everyone who is willing to get on the mat and give it a shot.

There are a multitude of health benefits to a regular practice of yoga, despite experience level. It increases strength, flexibility, and balance, improves respiration, energy, and vitality, aids weight reduction, improves cardio and circulatory health, and much more. In addition to these phenomenal physical effects, a habitual routine will provide an opportunity to balance oneself, mentally and spiritually.

Knowing that starting new things can be daunting, Chakra Power Yoga aims to ease the shock of starting a new practice by being warm and welcoming to new clients who are looking to get their feet wet.

"Come as you are and be open to this incredible experience," Nicole Burrill, owner, said. "At Chakra Power Yoga you will find classes with students of all experience and skill levels practicing side by side."

No two yogis are the same, and no two people's experience with the practice match. Yoga is an individual practice, letting each person control their own practice with little interference or judgments.

"Challenges and modifications are always offered and welcomed," Burrill said.

The ambiance of Chakra Power Yoga's studio is so convivial that you can often find students relaxing on the couches with a cup of tea socializing. Students and teachers alike mingle after class, chatting and laughing about everything from the class to their daily lives. The crowd circulating the lobby of Chakra is often diverse, as there are so many ranges of yoga available to the general public.

Warm Room Vinyasa, Flow Foundations, Restorative and Meditative Classes are all accessible to students of any level. Unique classes include Mindful Movement, a slower variation of Vinyasa, and Rockin' Flow Yoga, which is set to a loud, upbeat, soundtrack of hip hop, rock, and dance music. Prenatal classes are also available.

"Yoga is one of the most highly recommended forms of exercise during pregnancy because it helps so much with balance, strength, and stamina while calming the central nervous system and relieving tension in the low back, hips and shoulders," Burrill said.

There is no previous yoga experience required to join any of these classes and a range of membership rates are available for those looking to catch a deal on their class rates.

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