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Charlestown at a Glance

Despite recent characterizations of "The Town" as a haven for strong arm robbers with ridiculous armaments and bad Boston accents, Charlestown has incredible history, immersive culture and is a good place to look for opportunities to get into Boston's real estate market.


Charlestown's history is rich and significant, to say the least. As the oldest neighborhood in one of the most historically significant cities in the country, Charlestown is a unique place. Charlestown became known as a haven for Irish-American immigrants during the 1860's and for decades, even centuries, after the neighborhood remained known for the strength of its Irish Catholic heritage.

After a vote in October of 1873 decided that Charlestown should become a part of Boston, the then city, joined Boston as a neighborhood; one of the largest and most well known in the area. The 1960's saw almost eleven percent of the neighborhood torn down and redeveloped but the residents resisted this effort which kept the devastation from the planned levels.

The 1980's were years during which Charlestown saw some of its biggest changes due to an influx of upper middle class young professionals moving into the area, a trend that repeated in the late 1990's leading to the Charlestown of today; a truly diverse area, ethnically and socioeconomically, with a lot to offer residents!


Charlestown is full of places of interest and historical sites and landmarks. Boston's Freedom trail ends in Charlestown at the famous Bunker Hill Monument. The Bunker Hill monument commemorates one of the most important battles of the American Revolutionary War and is truly a highly visible landmark on the skyline of the area.

Paul Revere began his midnight ride in Charlestown, alerting local residents of the coming British forces before the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Warren Tavern, established in 1780, was allegedly one of Revere's favorite haunts.

Real Estate

Charlestown is very much a hotspot in certain areas and as the area continues to grow in economic and cultural diversity, it can only get hotter. The influx of attention due to representations of Boston generally, and Charlestown specifically, in media have continued to draw aspiring residents. Moreover, the area's historical tradition, down to earth feel, and wide variety of pricing for housing make it a place worth the attention of anyone looking to move to Boston.

As I always say, do your own research when considering Charlestown. Go visit! See how the neighborhood strikes you and enjoy the landmarks, the cuisine and the culture. Enjoy!

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