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CLINIC Alternative Medicines: Helping People Achieve Holistic Wellness

CLINIC is a multi-disciplinary healing arts center, Jennifer Nery, a licensed acupunturist, said. They specialize in providing client-oriented whole body and lifestyle treatment services, and the center houses a number of independent practitioners.

"Currently, we have three talk therapists, two acupuncturists, two shamans, two energy medicine practitioners, a hypnotherapist for children and adolescents and one for adults, a dream worker, and a massage therapist," Nery said. The CLINIC team consists of highly skilled professionals who are there to provide a holistic approach to healing the body and mind. Instead of merely treating physical symptoms as they manifest, the different "modalities" at CLINIC engage the human body as a delicately balanced network of physical and mental processes.

Nery explains how some of the more alternative treatments are structured as well as their underlying philosophies. For instance, Andean Shamanic healing is energy work conducted by a shaman trained in the teachings of the Andean medicine wheel. The shaman works with a patient's energy field to erase heavy energy imprints that can negatively impact the body, mind, and spirit. Dreamwork helps people communicate and grapple with their dreams and the feelings that arise as a result of them, gaining insight and wisdom. Herbal medicine is a compendium of knowledge of plants and other naturally derived substances based on the major healing traditions of China, Tibet, India, and the West. Practitioners of these herbal traditions recommend certain lifestyle changes which are designed to treat the core of your problems or imbalances. For those struggling with long-term conditions and ailments, CLINIC has a wide range of suitable options.

"We at CLINIC have lots of options for people in pain from mechanical and chemical work like massage or herbal medicine, to energetic work like energy medicine or acupuncture, to mental approaches to pain like hypnosis or talk therapy," Nery said. Often, a client will start with one modality that is familiar or appealing, and may be referred to someone else for complementary treatment Nery said. There are many experienced teachers at the center, but any practice has limitations which means that the best results are achieved through an "all-hands-on-deck" approach that meets all the client's needs. CLINIC's close working relationship with clients makes it possible to provide complete, comprehensive care.

"CLINIC is my long-term dream: a range of practitioners working side-by-side and together, providing great client-centered care, but also creating a warm and supportive community amongst themselves," Nery said. Having worked in private practice as an acupuncturist for a couple of years before starting CLINIC, her current work is even richer and more fun than before. Being able to create a peaceful and welcoming space at CLINIC has contributed to the success of Nery's business.

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