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Cooking Efficiency Tips

Cooking is an art and an enjoyable one at that. Both the process and the results of good cooking can be really cool to see and even better to taste (you know you've dipped into cookie batter occasionally.)

Cooking is also a very good way to keep yourself healthy. Fast foods, eating out and the variety of other means of gettin pre-cooked foods can be expensive, unhealthy or both. Morever, you have no idea about what is or isn't going into your food when you're not the one preparing it.

Despite all of the benefits of cooking, its time consuming and certainly can be tiring, depending on how much or how often you're cooking. Its important to use tips and tricks to mitigate the costs of cooking.

Plan, Stan!

Figure out how much you're cooking, what you're cooking and how much time you have to dedicate to the process.

It's important to plan what you're cooking and how much of it because that will given you an idea of how much time and how many materials are necessary. Cooking chicken chow mein for one isn't the same as smoking a rack of ribs for a football party. Knowing such things theoretically isn't the same as really knowing them, so do the research and create a plan.

Do More With Less

Its hard to do more with less ingredients, it takes much more expertise at cooking than I have to do so, what I'm referring to is time.

Many people, while they're cooking, are watching TV or doing something else that could be readily identified as useless. That's fine and dandy for people who have lots of time to waste, but for the efficient, such things are a no-go.

If you're waiting for the water to boil or watching the stove, wash the peppers or clean the chicken. I wouldn't recommend doing something dangerous while multitasking (I think you'd like to keep all your fingers,) innocuous processes can be stacked to waste less time.

One Day

We all know that coming home tired from work or school is a time when we'd rather minimize the stuff we have to handle. One good way to avoid the annoyance of having to come home and cook is by cooking all on one day.

I recommend picking a day on the weekend, picking the recipe(s) that you want to use and getting busy. You'll find that when you're cooking a lot of food, there are more processes that you can stack and the momentum, combined with the minimized wasted time, can really make a huge difference.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas for making the most of your cooking time. Good luck and have fun!

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