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Creative Ways to Utilize Your Attic and Basement

The Man Cave

A man cave is just a euphemism for a recreational space for adults. Not necessarily exclusively for men, the recreational room is an area that's designed for unwinding and fun. Rather than using the space to pile up things that you haven't used and never will; build a room with some of the most fun things that you enjoy, making it a perfect place to relax after a long day. You can use rerouting cable lines and small wiring adjustments to make a basement or an attic viable as a relaxation room. This is very much a "choose your own adventure" concept and your level of interest and commitment will determine to what degree you need to furnish this potential area. Install an outlet or use extension cords, the choice is yours when setting up your adult recreation room.

Gym Areas

Installing weights and other gym equipment in a basement or attic is a good way to make effective use of the space. Most home gym equipment is delivered in pieces and moving it into the basement or attic is relatively easy, the primary concerns are about safety. In basements this is less of an issue, but in attics its important to make sure that the structure can support the heavier weight lifting or gym equipment and people simultaneously. You can and should have a carpenter come and evaluate the area to ensure that there won't be structural concerns that could affect the safety.

Kid's Recreational Areas

Much like the adult recreational areas, you can set up attics or basements to house a children's rec room. When dealing with children's spaces, its important to make sure that all safety concerns are in order. This makes it more important to have a professional come and check the area you're thinking of turning into a rec room evaluate the space for safety purposes. It may be worth avoiding surge protectors and extension cords to have someone install outlets because of children's propensities for clumsiness and potentially dangerous behavior, so take the appropriate safety precautions. Ideas for potential pieces to install in a kid's recreation room are the obvious ones; toys, televisions, tablets, computers and video game systems. There are also less obvious choices like Foosball tables or pinball machines but this will all depend on the ages of the kids involved and their interests. Make sure they have entertainment devices, furniture and that the space is safe.


Basements and attics are typically used for storage but not very well in many cases. Using effective organization systems, space management and storage units can be the difference between space management setups that really allow for effective storage and an attic or basement in which you can actually find the things you're looking for and where you won't have to worry about the storage system being useful.

Apartment Spaces

Attics and basements can also be lucrative for your home or apartment. If you're dedicated and serious about it, you can turn your attic or basement (or both) into a rental space by cleaning it out, making it livable and advertising it. There are more logistical elements to turning your attic or basement into an apartment for a potential renter but it is arguably the most useful suggestion on this list. Many families have attics and basements in which renters live and frequently, these situations work out for the best for both parties.

These are suggestions and ideas that you can use but you'll have to make them your own and make the adjustments necessary to make them work. As always, do your research and make sure that you are using your attics and basements as effectively as possible.

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Ryan Arguello

My house attic and basement is utilized in somewhat similar way as mentioned here and I must say this is the best way to use them effectively.


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