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Deano's Pasta Upholds a Tradition of Exquisite Cuisine in Somerville, MA

By Paul Rowe

One of the oldest family owned pasta companies in the United States, Deano's Pasta has been passionately committed to perfecting the art of handcrafting fresh pasta sauces since 1947. To this day, pasta makers at Deano's consistently work in small batches and hand pack all of their products to ensure first-rate dishes end up on every table.

While most pasta companies use durum flour because it is easier to work with, Deano's sets a higher standard, using their signature 100% semolina dough on all of their noodles and filled pastas. Although semolina dough is more difficult to work with, the pasta artisans at Deano's believe working harder produces the finest end result.

"Using 100% semolina is more challenging but cooks up perfect, al-dente pasta with no breakage every time. It is not only our ingredients but also our process that sets us apart from the rest," says Deano's owner Dean Matarazzo. "In addition to using 100% semolina we do not extrude our long pasta noodles. We were recently written up in Edible Boston regarding how we make our fresh pastas and long pasta noodles."

Matarazzo has an immense respect for bringing age-old Italian culinary traditions to a contemporary community in Somerville, MA.

"In honor of the way long noodles were made a long time ago, we hand roll the dough and cut strips with a blade which is not as easy as extruding noodles but will create that hearty, perfectly chewy, al-dente noodle that you crave," says Matarazzo.

Somerville natives crave fresh ingredients, and Deano's certainly delivers in that category. Their fillings are the last piece of pasta perfection. Pasta makers at Deano's use fresh vegetables that they rough chop and sauté. Gourmet cheeses are integral to all of their filled products.

Matarazzo was kind enough to share an excellent recipe with our readers below.

"Spread our fresh basil pesto over chicken breasts and top with fresh sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. However, the easiest and best recipe of all is what we tell all of our customers? All You Need Is Boiling Water," says Matarazzo. "We have so many artisan raviolis, tortellini, gnocchi, noodles and sauces that pair perfectly together that all you need is boiling water for a gourmet meal!"

Deano's pastas and sauces are sold fresh or fresh-frozen at their Somerville factory shop, which gives Somerville natives the convenience of preparing that day or keeping pasta in their freezers for future meals.

Deano's gives back to the community that has shown tremendous dedication to its business through donations to the Elizabeth Peabody House in Somerville and proud sponsorship and participation in the East Somerville Foodie Crawl, The Race to the Row at Assembly Row, and the Taste of Somerville.

This past year, Deano's worked tirelessly together with many local artists and organizations including East Somerville Main Streets, Somerville Arts Council, and True Story Theater, among many others, to bring their neighborhood together to paint an amazing community-inspired mural on the back of their factory across from Chuck E. Harris Park. Matarazzo has a passion for working with local talent on this fun and inspiring community project.

Matarazzo buys all his ingredients and supplies locally and is proud to employ many wonderful local residents and immigrants that bring diversity and enrichment to Somerville's pasta. Deano's Pasta continues to inject the Italian cultural importance of community into Somerville's burgeoning restaurant scene.

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