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Delicious Cookies Without All That Guilt at Kitchen Millie of Arlington

If you love gourmet cookies, but not the sluggish feeling that comes after them, get ready for a game changer. Kitchen Millie has been crafting two-bite cookies since 2014. These never-processed, always fresh, two-bite cookies are perfect for a quick snack without the sluggish, guilty feeling that larger treats leave you with. Oh, and they have a pretty cute back story, too!

Back in the early 1990s, during spring, Michelle Wax and her brothers would run a small lemonade stand at the very end of their street. Being dedicated in everything they did, the Wax children turned the quaint little lemonade stand into quite an ordeal, waking early every morning to bake chocolate chip cookies and make lemonade for the day.

Being that their mother wouldn't allow them to sell their cookies for more than a quarter, the children began making their cookies in a smaller size, and thus began the two-bite cookie.

Fifteen years later, Michelle Wax found herself walking around Boston on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie to end her sudden craving. Wherever she went within the city, the cookies she was able to find were massive?she referred to them as Frisbee-sized. Knowing she didn't want such a large treat, as it would leave her feeling heavy and overstuffed, it got her thinking of those adorable little two-bite cookies her and her siblings used to create in their mother's kitchen every spring.

This was the start of Kitchen Millie, named after Wax's grandmother, who spent the majority of her time in the kitchen creating only the finest pies, cookies, and pierogies you could taste.

"We're bringing back that fresh from the oven taste, at a size that's right for your body and spirit," says Wax. "We're bringing back the classics you had as a kid, with a twist." Wax stems from a family of entrepreneurs and go-getters, which has helped her to create the perfect blend of successful business and personalized service.

Knowing she wanted to be more than just a cookie shop, Wax has created several unique ways to interact with her customers, and really create a unique sense of personal touch for each and every event she works with.

To do so, she has created several really neat events such as make-your-own ice cream cookiewich parties, milk and cookie pairing parties, custom two-bite cookies with personalized logos or photos, beer and cookie pairing parties, wine and cookie pairing parties, and just about anything else you can think of. Kitchen Millie also works with birthday parties, weddings, showers, corporate events, and just about any other event you can come up with.

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