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DIY Home Repair: Skills and Tools

Making home repairs, ones that can add value to your home and your experience (and save you money), require two major things: basic tools you need to do the jobs and the basic skills needed to use the tools.


Tape Measures are crucial for any home repair or home improvement project that you're considering. Measuring doorways and walls for bring through parts or expanding rooms, measuring the heights of ceilings when considering installing lights or other fixtures or measuring lengths of walls to consider where to put pictures or other decorations all require tape measures. Tape measures are useful for many sorts of adjustments you may need to make during your home repair or improvement efforts and also happen to be very cheap and ubiquitous, making them an easy and highly useful acquisition in your home repair arsenal.

There are two types of screwdrivers you'll likely need for most projects. The first is a flat head screwdriver and the second is a Phillips head screwdriver, both medium sized. Though there are varieties of types of screws and screw drivers, most home improvement jobs, if they require screw drivers, will need good quality medium sized ones for putting together a variety of things needed in a home.

A hammer serves two major purposes; putting nails in and taking nails out. When assembling many household items or repairing others, putting in and taking out nails is essential. And the tool itself is essential to serving these functions, so a medium sized hammer is a must for anyone interest in home repair or development.


Next up are some of the skills that homeowners and those renting apartments should learn so that they can assist themselves, and save money, when fixing or improving things in your home or apartment.


Measuring and leveling are two discreet, essential, though, to some degree, similar skills that someone looking to get into basic home improvement needs. Before repairs to can be made on tables and chairs, refrigerators or ovens (or even things like beds, futons or anything big) measurements need to be done. To install everything from shower curtains through building shacks in the backyard, one needs to know lengths, widths and other measurements to ensure that mistakes aren't made.

Hammering and Removing Nails

Nails are obviously useful for installing boards or putting together pieces of furniture. They hold pictures up and serve all of the other functions that are so familiar but driving nails in isn't always as simple a skill as believed. Safely driving in nails, without over-penetrating or damaging yourself or what you're driving the nail into, is a skill that needs development. The same can be said for removing nails and much more so for choosing the right types of nails in order to keep the things into which you're driving the nails together and to avoid damaging them as well.


Placing tiles and keeping them there, effectively, is truly a necessary skill in home maintenance, repair and improvement. Many of the most important spaces in your home or apartment are usually covered in tile like the kitchen or the bathroom. Knowing how effectively tile, re-tile, or repair these areas is an asset and a basic skill which can save you significant amounts of money and energy and help you avoid dealing with contractors.

Doing things yourself requires tools, discipline and know how. If you get the tools and the knowledge, though, you can successfully complete many home and apartment repairs, adjustments and improvements. Use this information and these ideas to assist in taking care of your home or apartment.

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