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Door Types (and Their Uses)

A door is a door, right? Well, not quite. There are a variety of types of doors and those types are different in form and in function, which is a fancy way of saying that they look different and are useful for different things. They all open and close, provide or restrict access to a certain areas but some can reasonably keep out a threat and some wouldn't keep out a determined housecat. There are many door types but for the sake of time this article will discuss: screen doors, sliding glass doors, and security doors. First up is screen doors.

Screen doors

Screen doors are designed to let in air and sunlight to provide an enjoyable experience for those inside the dwelling. They keep out insects and small animals and can be used to keep small children from wandering out onto a porch or into a backyard. Screen doors are also pretty flimsy. Despite having locks, screen doors realistically can't be expected to provide any sort of security and shouldn't be depended on to keep out, or keep in, anything or anyone that is at all serious about crossing the door's threshold.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, mostly made glass or other translucent material, are similar to screen doors but differ in that they don't usually provide spaces through which people inside the house can enjoy the breeze or smells of the outdoors. They are more secure than screen doors but are still not recommended for safety. The other potential concern tied to sliding doors is that their translucence can occasionally lure small children (or less attentive adults) and animals into thinking that they're going outside (and that there's no door there) and, given that these doors are frequently made of glass, the results can be painful. Sliding doors also get broken or obstructed more easily because of the complexity of the mechanism they use, keep that in mind.

Security Doors

Security doors are more or less what they sound like; doors designed to provide extra security to those inside. They frequently are metal frames hung on or in front of normal entry doors to prevent someone from kicking the door in or reaching through the grating. Some security doors can play the role of high security screen doors, allowing in air and light but keeping out undesirables. These can be a great option to get the best of both worlds but keep in mind that they can prove to be a hazard in the event that you should need to escape a fire or other emergency in the house.

Doors are, for obvious reasons, important. These are just some considerations to mull over when thinking about installing certain types of doors. As always, do your own research when deciding which kinds of doors to use in your house. Good luck and keep it safe!

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