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DVD Storage Basics

Movies do a lot for people. Movies provide light background noise while we're "working." Movies can set the mood with that special someone when you're feeling to cheap to take her out. Movies can provide the drinking game fodder you've always needed for those nights in with friends or for priceless pregaming experiences.

Movies, however, when they're in physical form, must be taken care of. It's pretty hard to watch a DVD that you've left on your floor to be stepped on, scraped up and generally treated like a scene from an Ike and Tina biopic.

Taking care of your DVDs isn't just limited to keeping the sensitive shiny sides from being scratched or getting wet, there is also the organizational element of DVD protection. If you can't find the DVD, keeping it safe is more or less immaterial.


Cases are an easy way to protect and organize your collection of DVDs. Cases come in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacity levels. Many cases come with sleeves made of material that keeps the sensitive sides safe from damage. Your best bet will be to choose a large enough case to cover most of your DVDs or possibly more than one case for each type of DVD you own if you're a larger collector.

Cases make transporting and storing your DVDs easier as well. If you use the right type and size of movie collection case, you can even throw away all of those tedious plastic cases in which DVDs are sold. Once your DVDs are in one or two larger organized cases, you can store them much more easily, saving space and energy.

Organizing your large DVD case can also be helpful and easy. If you would like to set up sections of your DVD case to represent different genres, or types of DVD, its as simple as quickly rearranging. Since you don't have to check inside of the smaller cases your DVDs come with, its faster, easier and have fewer moving parts!


If, for some strange reason, you insist upon keeping the plastic cases your DVDs originally inhabited, there is a better way to do that too! There are a variety of types of shelves that can help you protect and organize your DVDs, assuming that you keep the plastic cases.

One of the best bets for keeping DVDs organized when they're on shelves is using the kinds of shelves that have thin metal wires that are bent at a slightly upward angle to allow you to store the cases without risking them falling off of the shelf.

You can still rely on the standard shelves in your home or apartment but the metal wire shelves make keep DVDs from falling all over the floor, getting stepped on or destroyed in some other way.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas for how to organize and protect your precious movie collection. Use them to help keep the DVDs safe and enjoy!

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