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Experience Fresh Seafood Overlooking the Historic Plymouth Harbor

In some places, time has marched on to its own steady beat; while in other places, it has simply stood still. It is this standstill that has kept Historic Plymouth in Massachusetts on the map for tourists, history lovers, and those seeking a unique community to live amongst. Within Historic Plymouth, many businesses have clung to the old ways of operation, and Wood's Seafood is no different.

If you happen to be sitting in Wood's Seafood in the mid-afternoon, you'll be surprise, and delighted, to see the local fishermen hauling in their catch of the day for owner, Jay Kimball, to look over. Instead of ordering in truckloads of seafood, Kimball has stuck with the old practice of relying on locals to pull his supply from the sea directly. This direct connection with the fishermen not only benefits the patrons who receive the freshest seafood possible, but the local economy, as it keeps Kimball's business local, and in turn, keeps several fishermen in steady employment.

"We pride ourselves on offering only the freshest seafood available, every day, year round," explains Kimball. "Whether is it fried, baked or grilled we offer only the best."

As you sit in Wood's enjoying your fresh catch of the day, you'll feel an instant link to the past. The cozy atmosphere mingles with the wooden textures, metal accents, and sea-themed décor pull you right in, leaving the impression of the inner workings of a sea-faring vessel. The large wall of windows gives you an open, uninterrupted view of the Plymouth harbor, tying in the décor, food, and atmosphere. "Wood's Seafood is located on the Town Pier, right smack in the middle of the tourism area," states Kimball. "The building is literally over the water next to the harbormasters office, whale watching boats, and commercial fishing fleet." As an added treat, you can actually view the Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower ship from the restaurant.

But, Wood's Seafood is more than just a relaxed little eatery with a great view. "Woods Seafood consists of a fresh seafood market and a 60 seat casual dining restaurant," Kimball tells us. "The fish market offers the freshest fish available from cod, haddock, halibut, salmon, swordfish, tuna, smelts, scallops, shrimp(cooked and raw), Fresh lobster meat, stuffed quohogs, live lobsters (from 1-4 lbs) steamers, live crabs cooked lobsters."

Kimball went on to say that both the restaurant and the fish market have been voted Best Seafood Restaurant and Best Fish Market in the Plymouth area for the past four years and are rated as one of the best south of Boston.

No matter what you're looking for, Wood's Seafood will be able to satisfy every member of your dining party, while giving you a historic step back into the ways of the local fish industry. At Wood's, you can enjoy your meal knowing that it came from only steps away from where you sit, pulled from the sea by a local, just a brief time before you ordered. "Wood's Seafood is family owned business located in the heart of Historic Plymouth," Kimball says. "and is a classic New England Clam Shack. Our prices are substantially lower than other full service restaurants on the waterfront and our location is the best."

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