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Experience the Latest in Veterinary Technology at Newton Animal Hostpital

By S. Mathur

The Newton Animal Hospital is a newcomer to the area, opening its doors in 2013. It offers some unique services, including house calls through the Boston Mobile Veterinary Clinic. Principal Carole de Jong says that the in-home visits provide "full service veterinary care, with the limitation of not being able to do surgery, radiology or dentistry. One specific service available at NAH that is not commonly available elsewhere includes conscious dental cleaning, so long as the pet is a good candidate. A good candidate would include a pet who does not require extractions and is not aggressive in nature."

While pets might have mixed feelings about home visits from the vet, for most pet owners these are a godsend. They can happily dispense with the need to drag recalcitrant and shivering dogs and scratchy and vocal cats to the clinic, and with all the additional stress engendered by the journey itself. And still ensure top quality veterinary care for their pets.

The hospital provides full veterinary services including preventative health care, general surgery and orthopedics, dental care, radiology, on-site laboratory services, microchipping and nutritional counseling. The hospital accepts emergency cases and may refer those requiring specialized or intensive 24-hour care to appropriate care centers in the area. There is an onsite pharmacy, so any medications prescribed by the vet can be obtained at the reception. The clinic also carries prescription foods recommended for special diets.

The basic vaccine required by law for all dogs and cats is the rabies vaccine. It is the best preventative measure, says de Jong, even for pets that stay indoors. Other vaccines are recommended and administered according to the lifestyle and risks involved, she adds: "All patients, humans or otherwise, should be vaccinated based on risks of exposure. Most dogs are vaccinated for distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza and parvovirus as well as Bordetella, Lyme and leptospirosis. Cats are typically vaccinated for Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia."

Pets that go outdoors need extra precautions since they face additional risks, de Jong says. For cats, "If they go outdoors, we also suggest vaccinating for feline leukemia. Preventatives for dogs are for heartworm and both species should have preventatives given for flea and ticks if they go outdoors."

The clinic is open six days as week. The location is easily accessible by car and by public transportation. New clients can find the check-in form online, and print and fill it out at home to save time at the clinic. A visit to the vet doesn't have to be a miserable and stressful occasion for humans and pets. A good way to round off a visit to the hospital is with a stop at their unique pet boutique with gifts and fashions for your pet from Dog is Good, Molly Mutt, MiMi Green, far fetched, Up Country, and wagwear and others. So you might just leave the vet's office with waging tails and treats in store.

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