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Find your Inner Peace and Fluidity in Your Own Sanctuary

Sanctuary Studios is exactly what it says it is: a sanctuary. It is a place where you can go to find your inner peace, to calm your mind, and relax your body. The organization's entire goal is to provide you with a safe space in which to fulfill all of your yoga, massage, and wellness needs. The studio cites itself as promoting health and wellbeing through the use of natural and holistic approaches designed to heal the body, both inside and out.

The premier studio of the South Shore area, Sanctuary Studios offers therapeutic yoga and bodywork in a range of levels. "It ranges from gentle and medicinal to sweaty and exhilarating," explains Michelle Fleming, Director and Owner of Sanctuary Studios and Founder of Orthopedic Yoga Therapy. "It's a truly transformational experience."

When it comes to instructors, Sanctuary Studios went above and beyond to provide their clients with the highest caliber professionals available who specialize in Orthopedic Yoga. In addition to employing the best of the best, the studio has been training students and teachers since 2005. Their roster of massage therapists include advanced instructors from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, the famed 'Anatomy Trains' for fascial manipulation and structural integration, and the founders of Orthopedic Yoga Therapy. Fleming herself now teaches internationally, with clients including such athletes as top ranked NHL players and The World Champion Women's Squash player.

Fleming believes that yoga isn't about doing it right, but about doing what's right for your own body. She explains that each body is different and that some poses may work for some while not for others. "We will help you find your unique way of doing yoga," she states. Finding each person's unique style is a passion of Fleming's, as her own journey into yoga was filled with complications. Finding her way into a yoga class by luck, Fleming found the practice helped her ailing depression and anxiety.

Realizing this was the only outlet that relieved these troubles, Fleming dove into the practice devoutly. Her path was altered drastically when she tore a ligament in her knee during a class. Fleming began researching the anatomy behind the practice, studying each pose deeply so as to find a safe and effective manner in which to utilize the concepts without hindering the flow. Today, she has solidified her methods and trains others to find the fluidity within their own bodies in a safe and effective manner.

Fleming's passion for the practice shows in each and every class she teaches and the business she operates. "It is a blessing to be able to bring people the gifts of a strong body, a quiet mind and a blissful spirit."

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