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Fitness for Women in Winchester: Featuring Get In Shape for Women

By Kristen Bosse

At a time when equality for men and women is at an all time high, the idea of a female only gym is a total throwback. Some say that females will have less motivation while working out in a space where they are no longer surrounded by men, while others claim it can be freeing to break a sweat in a room filled with the same sex. Although there are arguments for both sides, there is no doubt an advantage to attending a gym that caters to transforming your body, and not that of a larger man. Winchester's Get in Shape for Women is one of Greater Boston's premier all-female fitness facilities. With an integrated weight training, cardio, and nutrition program for each member, attendees are pushed to completely transform their body. Their philosophy of small group personal training ensures that every person gets the care and attention that they need to succeed. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out why this same sex training may be just what you have been looking for.

Why an All-Female facility?

Although it may seem surprising to some, working out and transforming your body is often just as much of an emotional journey, as a physical one. It is important to receive the right kind of support when you are working out, and when you are attempting to follow a healthier diet. Maria Penningtion, Owner of GISFW, explains why her all-female facility is the perfect place to receive emotional support.

"Women by nature are nurturers. They are supportive of one other, cheering the victories and there to support you in the setbacks. Everyone is on the same page and can all relate to the same challenges each other is facing."

Gyms built for women also tend to offer the gear and activities that women prefer. For example, GISFW offers plenty of weight training machines used to build lean muscle and help us women target those areas that we consider most important (abs, butt, etc). Also, their cardio area is filled with plenty of machines, including treadmills used with high interval training to promote fat loss. Most importantly, the small group training offered at this facility surrounds members with a supportive community, without feeling lost in the shuffle of a huge class. You will get the one-on-one attention you need, with the guidance of a professional trainer.

And of course we can't forget about the one thing women are most commonly proclaiming- gymtimidation. Unfortunately, this is a real fear that many women face when they workout among other males. Many women just don't feel comfortable working out around men- they feel judged and anxious. Therefore, working out in a gym surrounded by women will lower your anxiety level and let you exercise free of stress.

Pennington's Three Steps To Body Transformation: Be Committed, Be Specific, Be Accountable

With all the diet and exercise programs out there nowadays, it can sometimes be hard to figure out exactly what you should be doing to lose weight. Pennington was nice enough to share her secrets when it comes to not only losing weight, but also leading a healthier lifestyle. First things first- be committed to this type of change in your life. Change needs to occur in every facet of your life, including movement, outlook, and nutrition. Although you may have many hurdles to get over, a committed set of mind will help you succeed every time.

Don't forget to be specific. Setting up a specific, smart goal for yourself is key if you want to stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey. Be sure to keep in mind that the more attainable the goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. Maria's last tip is to be accountable for your actions! In the beginning, try to set up daily workout routines and nutritional goals. Stay accountable for these goals by perhaps having a workout buddy that makes sure you are present each day. For nutrition, keep a log of your food so that you can see what you are consuming. Even further, make sure you are engaging in weekly weigh ins that track your results and let you know if you need to step up your motivation level! If you don't continue to hold yourself accountable, your goals can easily fall by the wayside.

Maria Pennington, and all the other trainers over at Get in Shape for Women, swear by these three steps to success. While going through the journey by yourself can sometimes yield results, an atmosphere of accountability with scheduled workouts, nutrition counseling and weekly weigh-ins is sure to produce amazing results.

**GISFW Winchester will offer a free week of training to anyone who mentions this article when booking their first session. Limited number of complimentary weeks available.

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