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Five Best Towns for Investors in Metro West Massachusetts

Some of the top towns in Metro West Massachusetts have seen above normal home sales in recent years despite a slumped housing market. Whether purchasing an investment property to flip or to rent for a profit, Framingham, Bellingham, Needham and various other Metro West towns have great profitability. Under the right circumstances, investors can turn huge profits in a very quick time by investing in these Massachusetts towns.


Framingham has seen significant home sales in the down housing market which leads investors to believe that the area is definitely a profitable choice. Like other high selling areas, the key to investing in property in Framingham is to find a property with a low enough sale price and minimal enough repairs to turn a fast profit while the market in the area is good. Because Framingham is becoming a more desired area to live, rental properties could also provide a good ROI for investors.


Bellingham is another attractive town for investors looking to purchase a property and turn a profit in Metro West Massachusetts. Bellingham has excellent schools and features a relatively small town charm that isn't found in every Metro West town, a true attraction for young families just starting out. Home sales are not up in the area so investors can likely find a good deal from someone who is anxious to sell in a down market. The rental turnaround is profitable and there is hope for increased sale prices too.


Needham, though not a rapid growth area, provides a solid place for investors to purchase properties that they intend to rent out. Needham has excellent schools which is a major attraction for families so investors are best suited to purchasing properties with at least 3 bedrooms if they intend to rent them out. Organized recreational programs provide a greater sense of community and further attract renters even if they are in the transitional period of trying to find a local home for purchase.


The town of Wellesley features a rich tranquility that attracts home buyers and renters alike. Although it is not a top selling area at this time, investors can find great deals on homes in the area from homeowners who are looking to sell for various reasons. The likely ROI will come from renting a property out at least for a while until the market makes a stronger turnaround in the area but there is definitely money to be made on Wellesley investment properties under the right conditions.


Natick has been one of the top areas for home sales for quite some time. Now this actually can related in two ways to an investor; unfortunately, if the investor is looking to purchase a property on the low, there may not be much to go on in Natick. However, on the flipside, if an investor can find a property for a low price that's worth doing minor repairs and flipping, Natick has seen increased home sales even in a sluggish home market so there's a good chance for a fast return on the investment under the right circumstances.

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