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Five Things to Do Before You Close

By Colleen Colkitt

1. Consider Schools

When it comes to your children, you want them to have the best in education. Before you make the move out to your new home you should check all your options for school systems. Consider your options and choose the school that best fits your needs. Once you have a school in mind, obtain transcripts and records to transfer over to the new school, and the same goes for colleges as well. The sooner you're registered for a new school the sooner you can enter into a routine and make the transition smooth.

2. Services

Changing service providers is a good idea because many services you get will need to be switched over to either new companies or reconsidered. Things that may not be on your radar, like landscapers and cleaning services, are small but important things. If you forget to notify these companies, you may be charged for the services you don't need at your old address. If you wish to continue these types of services you should look into new ones in your new town.

It might be a good idea to cancel your local newspaper subscription and get involved with your new community by ordering news subscriptions to your new residence.

3. Registration

Be sure to register your vehicle at your new home, and if it's in a new state you need to change plates and tags for the vehicle. Your license may need to change as well, depending on how long you plan to stay in the new area. Call or visit the local DMV website for proper protocol.

And while you may not have voting on your mind, if you've switched states cities you will need to register to vote in your new zone.

4. Utilities

Make things easier on yourself and have all your utilities set up before you move in! Switch over Internet, cable, and electric prior to closing on your home. Check electronics and hookups in your new home to check they function properly, and don't forget to cancel your utilities at the old property.

5. Change Of Address

Buying a new home means you need to change mailing and billing addresses. Visit your post office to acquire change of address paperwork, or complete the form online. Remember to give notice of address to banks, schools, friends and family, insurance companies, doctors, cell phone providers and credit card companies. Be sure to have all mail forwarded to your new residence and make sure to change over all information.

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