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Fun, Family Dining in Brookline: Featuring Gyu-Kaku, Boston's Premier Japanese BBQ Spot

By Kristen Bosse

With a booming restaurant scene, it can sometimes be difficult to choose where to take your family on a Friday night in Brookline. Family dining requires a variety of selections for different tastes, an interactive environment that turns your meal into something fun, and of course a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Gyu-Kaku (Bull's Horn) pulls this off beautifully with a dining experience that the whole family can enjoy. This "Yakiniku" style of dining, literally translated as "Grilled Meat", asks diners to cook their food at the table. Whether it is their signature skirt steak, or their garlic shrimp, customers can pick and choose selections for the whole family and cook them to their exact specifications! With 4 stars on Yelp from over 164 reviewers, Brookline residents agree that this is the new go-to spot for locals.

What is Japanese BBQ?

As previously stated, Japanese BBQ incorporates "yakiniku" (or "grilled meat") style dining. Today, it is commonly referred to as a Japanese style of cooking that brings together bite-sized meat and vegetables over a gas or electric grill. This style of cooking allows for the flavor of the food to be elevated through simple preparation. Another surprising advantage to this style of cooking is the amount of time it takes to cook. Most meats cook within a matter of minutes, while their thin cut filet cooks in less than one minute per side! The key is to let the flavor of the high-quality meat speak for itself, using minimal seasoning and light marinades.

With a few restaurants similar to Gyu-Kaku popping up around the city, it is apparent that this type of cuisine has become increasingly popular in recent years. Dennis Maneefuangfoo, employee of Reins International Group (parent company of Gyu-Kaku), claims that Yakiniku has been slowly gaining momentum and making its own footprint. He hopes that their restaurant will help introduce Japanese BBQ as one of the main staples in the food cultures.

What does Gyu-Kaku have to offer your family?

Upon walking into Gyu-Kaku, you can already tell that your night is going to be more than just a meal. Apart from the delicious smell of fresh-grilled meat, there are traditional Japanese style decorations that transport you into a different world. As you venture over to your table, you will find place settings surrounding a roaring, gas-powered grill. All the while, line cooks in the open kitchen bellow the traditional welcome, "Irasshaimase!". Maneefuangfoo explains further why this set up is so family-friendly.

"The dining style is interactive- this makes it a perfect place for people to get together .It is not just about having a meal, but it is about making the meal together. Not only that, but the style of dining that we present is very unique. A lot of our guests use our restaurant for both family gatherings and business meeting purposes."

In addition to its vibrant atmosphere, the food served is also extremely family friendly. With a variety of different meat/vegetable options, and various portion sizes, people with different tastes or appetites can come together easily. The appetizer and noodle/rice menu even offers selections that can supplement your grilled food. This assortment of food really means there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Be sure to stick around for the dessert, where the kids can make s'mores!

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