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Garbage Disposal Basics

Garbage disposals do things that we'd rather not. For all of the dishes we wash and the refuse from them, for all the times we use our faucets to send something down the sike and assume its gone forever, for all the times we take for granted that the pipes in our homes won't back up and flood, garbage disposals are there.

Run the Water

Garbage disposals are powerful but can be sensitive to what you place inside of them. The first rule of thumb is that you need to have water running down the drain for the disposal to work. Running water down the drain while you use the disposal will keep the disposal from becoming damaged or caught up with the food waste you may need to put in.

Be Careful

Garbage disposals are also a bit on the fragile side when interacting with harder surfaces. Avoid putting metal or anything nonorganic down the disposal. The gears and blades don't react well to the influences of substances that are harder than your average leftovers or failed attempts at chicken cordon bleu (or however, you spell that.)

Cleanliness is Close to Cheapliness

Garbage disposals need to be cleaned and maintained. Can you do it yourself? I guess, you could. If you're particularly handy or familiar with the mechanisms of a garbage disposal that may be a good idea. A better one is to have your garbage disposal regularly checked out by a professional. No, not your cousin Vinny, someone who installs, repairs, and evaluates these systems for a living. An ounce of prevention will keep you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a cure. Just sayin'.

Garbage disposals are helpful and can help avoid that stinky trashcan we all hate. Remember that these are just some tips so be sure to know your own garbage disposal system and do your own research when considering how to maintain it. Good luck and keep that kitchen from stinking!

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