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Getting to Know New Bedford's DJ Cookie Policy

Around New Bedford, MA, Brett Lehrman is known by another name, too: DJ Cookie Policy. The nighttime DJ is a musician and DJ for events, weddings and nightlife in the area. Lehrman, who has always loved music, attended Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and graduated with a foundational diploma in Popular Music and Sound Technology.

He has experience as an audio engineer in the studio and during live performances, as a songwriter, performer and even a musical theatre actor. All of these experiences, he says, have led him to his DJ style. 

"[I am] a musician and songwriter first, and a DJ second," Lehrman says. "[My] experience in the music industry and knowledge of music history, and song craft guide [my] selections and aide in [my] ability to mix songs together smoothly to build a dynamic dance party experience. Whereas most DJ's tend to specialize in more popular genres like top 40, pop, dance and mainstream hip hop, [my] interests and specialties lie in more niche and specialty genres like disco, funk, soul, indie rock, indie dance and old school hip hop." 

Whether he's mixing a wedding, the nightlife scene or any other type of event, Lehrman says his focus is on mixing different songs "seamlessly" with one another. He avoids any cheesy chatter over a microphone with the audience, saying he lets the music speak for him.

He'll make "tactful announcements" for newlyweds or event hosts, letting the music play the rest of the time. Lehrman willingly takes requests, working those into his playlist whenever they come up. He never charges for the time it takes him to set up or breakdown his equipment. 

"DJ Cookie Policy adds a vibe that is not commonly found in most event DJs," Lehrman says. "For fans of classic, independent, alternative, niche and non-mainstream genres of music, look no further. [I use] a midi controller (digital turntables) to create a seamless blend of music that starts out with just the right groove and speed, and builds throughout the night to an energetic swell that sweeps up all in it's path." 

To contact Lehrman about hiring DJ Cookie Policy, visit his website

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