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Ghosting 101: Touring the Haunted Spirits of Plymouth

Fans of Halloween? Don't wait for the fall season to come around to get your spooky fix. Dead of Night Ghost Tours in Plymouth, MA is open all year to give haunted tours of the city. Owner Janice Williams says there are a few key things to look out for on ghost tours that mean the ghosts are present. If you're lucky (and many are), you'll see one for yourself.

"There is a great possibility of getting apparitions, or experiencing something [on the tour]," Williams says. "I cannot make it happen or guarantee anything but what I do offer is if you get nothing you can come back again free!"

Williams says she has had very few people take her up on that return offer. She even says that 2015 was the best year for seeing ghosts on the tour. Keep an eye out for signs that means ghosts are present. These can include: dramatic changes in temperature, even seeing your breath, strong smells of roses or other flowers in frigid weather, the smell of pipe tobacco, sounds of footsteps, laughing or cries in the background, and tugging or tapping on shoulders. Dead of Night Ghost Tours uses EMF meter technology that measures electromagnetic activity in the area. They use these meters to validate ghost sightings.

"One of my favorite ghost stories is that of the Briggitine Arnold, on December 24, 1778, a ship named the Brig Arnold set at from Boston Harbor to aid the Patriots in the war against the British," Williams says.

She continues to explain that just after they left, an intense snowstorm hit and the captain docked at Plymouth Harbor. The crew retreated below deck to wait the storm out, not knowing it would last three days. The result was oceanic waves that were large and crashing on the ship's deck. The men screamed for help from the upper deck, but nobody could reach them. On day three of the snowstorm, the harbor was frozen over and the men were dead. Plymouth residents went out with sleds to remove the men from the ship and took them to the courthouse to thaw and allow families to claim the bodies. Some were claimed, most were not and left in a mass grave.

Williams says there are a few sites now that are haunted by these men: the ship, the harbor, the courthouse and the cemetery where the mass grave was dug. There have been reports of people seeing men looking out, shadows moving, hair getting pulled and men standing next to the gravesite.

Dead of Night Ghost Tours recommends you book your tour in advance, as they do sell out often. Adults are $15 for the tour. Children 12 and under are $10. There are several ghost tours to choose from: haunted houses, a sunset cemetery, history, children's ghost hauntings and more. More details of each tour are available before you book.

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