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Handling Hedges

Hedges protect your yard from nosy neighbors, cavorting kids, or that dog in your area that loves to leave presents on everyone's lawn. They are large, bold, and when handled well, they can really make a statement about your yard and your home. If your hedges are handled poorly, the statement made by your hedges is likely to be one you'd prefer not to make. Taking care of hedges can be done professionally but there's no reason to believe that you are completely incapable of doing some hedge management of your own. There are two parts of dealing with hedges on your own that are worth discussing: when to trim, and how to trim. First up is when to trim

When to Trim

If you don't know when to trim your hedges, the rest of these considerations are academic. Trimming at the wrong times can damage or kill your hedges, or, even worse, cause them to grow in ways that make them useless for your purposes. Trimming during spring is your best bet. Some types of hedges can handle the cold but, for the most part, the colder months will cause damage to new cuts. You can trim during the summer to your heart's content, a good idea is to engage in two major cuts, one closer to the middle of the summer and one toward the end.

How to Trim

Trimming your hedges is obviously important. If the hedges grow out of control, they stop serving their purposes: to protect you from your neighbors. All jokes aside, trimming and maintenance are some of the most important parts of keeping hedges functional and healthy. Using strings, measure lasers, or other means of keeping track of the guidelines you're planning to adhere to while you trim is a good way of avoiding trimming too much or too little when it's time to cut. Start with the larger branches that stick out of your hedges and then move into the fine pruning. Your aim should be to prune and clip your hedges to provide the most sunlight possible for the exposed leaves.

Your hedges are important, take care of them. These ideas should help you to keep hedges as part of a healthy and attractive yard. Keep in mind that these are hedge trimming basics and that trimming may be better done when you involve professionals. As always, do your own research when thinking about trimming hedges and taking care of your yard. Good luck!

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