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Most people do what we have to. We wake up early to go to jobs we may or may not like very much in order to make ends meet, keep the lights on and avoid mooching. What most of us really dream of is financial security or, if we're really thinking big, financial freedom. We want to be able to work because we want to, not because we have to, or even to work doing what we want to. This dream is what successful entrepreneurs live every day but being an entrepreneur isn't always rainbows and bubbles. Starting a company and managing the complexities, difficulties, and possible legal ramifications of running your own business can be difficult, costly, and possibly even litigious if you're not careful. Fear not! New Leaf Legal of Cambridge, MA loves working with entrepreneurs and new business owners to develop and protect their investments in their businesses.

Jessica Manganello, one of the dynamic co-founders of New Leaf Legal, has a focus is on corporate and sustainable business law. Jessica loves to restructure businesses into new entities and implementing complex merger or acquisition strategy and finds creative corporate structure, especially when the business being restructured has an environmental focus, to be particularly enjoyable. New Leaf also focuses on being personable and really trying to connect with clients as business people and as multifaceted individuals, sharing details like Jessica's movie preferences and love of all things wine related.

Shannon Sadowski is the other founder of New Leaf and she has her primary interest in the music, film and video game industries' copyright and trademark licensing. Shannon ran the business department of a record label, before co-founding New Leaf, giving her great experience in, and understanding of, the entertainment industry and its inner workings. In keeping with New Leaf's personable style, Shannon lets clients know that she is a serious gamer, using multiple game systems at home and on the road.

Jessica Manganello and Shannon Jamieson Sadowski founded New Leaf Legal as a means to pursue their Professional Passions and allow others to pursue theirs through entrepreneurship and business ownership. These pioneers focus on areas of interest and importance for entrepreneurs including, but not limited to, corporate governance protocols, brand and content services, privacy policies, and services for entrepreneurs in growing global economies. New Leaf is really serious about helping clients be cost effective and one way they enhance cost effectiveness is by charging a flat rate. According to Jessica, "it's all inclusive and you get charged extra when we make a phone call or an email or a post it note: it's all part of that one fee."

New Leaf Legal provides a variety of services to a wide range of clients in multiple areas of business law. A small sample of New Leaf Legal's client list reflects the diversity of the businesses supported by the services provided by New Leaf Legal. Po'Boys Brass Band, The Zen Kitchen, Mass Energy Lab Incorporated, Sunbug Solar, Video Game Orchestra and Boston Food Swap Incorporated all benefit from the legal services of New Leaf Legal.

New Leaf Legal routinely fields questions from current and potential entrepreneurs that tend to fall into relatively similar categories. Many small business owners and prospective wonder whether they should create legal entities for their businesses (yes), how they can protect their brands (creating trademarks), or about running a business internally from a legal standpoint (this one will take some more explaining, so go talk to them,) and New Leaf Legal has the answers! Many of New Leaf's clients make some fairly common mistakes when setting themselves up, according to Jessica. "I think a big one is that you meet someone else who is really excited about your business idea and they're contributing and everything seems great and then you start down that track together and you're going along and calling each other business partners and you do that without ever having those real nuts and bolts conversations." New Leaf Legal helps these companies handle these and the many other issues that arise from owning a business.

New Leaf Legal offers legal and business services to entrepreneurs and artists who are in need of guidance. With a personable style, a professional attitude and a passionate approach to working with businesses, New Leaf Legal really stands out from the crowd of legal service providers!

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