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Home Decoration for Guys

The place you live is important. Your home is your castle; it's where you'll spend much of your time and it can be a refuge in difficult moments. Decorating your home personalizes it and makes it more enjoyable. Many don't necessarily see home decor as something that "men's men" are in to, but guys can make a man cave into a versatile domicile. There are two factors to successfully decorating as a guy: functional form, and injecting personality.

Functional Form

Functional form is finding a way to make useful things look cool. A work desk is a great example of a piece of functional furniture that you can trick out to make it much more visually appealing. If the desk has books on it, you can use creative bookends to introduce some personality. For a desk with a laptop or a desktop computer, a colorful extra monitor can make another functional piece look more interesting. Color coordination among the functional elements of your home or apartment can add to its appearance. You can coordinate the colors of your furniture and walls to promote a clean, simple style that requires no extra effort or thought.

Organizing the functional parts of your living space can increase its aesthetics. If you use the space in a way that emphasizes the attractive pieces of furniture and reflects their coordination, you'll represent an effective combination of form and function.

Injecting Personality

Injecting personality into a living space is about adding personal touches that identify that space as uniquely yours. Fan of video games? Use some decorative memorabilia to reflect your interest. Injecting personality is different than matching form and function: it sometimes involves buying things that may not be functional.

Personality pieces give your space a special feel that can make you feel more at home. You can use memorabilia from your alma mater or favorite team, or posters from your favorite band. The types of pieces that you use will vary based on your personality and interests. These pieces are best used when they are coordinated with the rest of the decor in your home and reflect your unique interests.

These are just a couple of ideas about how guys can decorate our homes and apartments. Combining form with function makes your space attractive without compromising utility. Injecting personality adds the personal touches that give your space an identity and make it enjoyable to come home to. As always, do your own research when considering how to decorate your home or apartment (even as a guy!)

Good luck and enjoy!

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