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How To Choose a Domestic Worker

Maids, domestic workers, helpers; no matter what we call them; in homes in which they are employed they can be essential pieces of maintaining decor, cleanliness, clarity, and order. These men and women have access to your most valuable possessions and spend time with your families, even at times when you're away from your homes or apartments. Domestic workers frequently have necessitated, unmitigated access to sensitive, crucial areas of homes and apartments. Because of the access they have and the importance of their roles in maintaining clean, orderly homes there are two important considerations when evaluating a potential domestic worker; safety and efficacy. Safety simply refers to the degree to which you can expect the workers you hire not to engage in ethically or legally problematic behavior. Efficacy refers to how well you can expect the domestic worker whom you're considering to do his or her job. Both factors, safety and efficacy, are essential pieces of hiring a maid.


One of the more important things that you can do when hiring domestic workers is to subject them to background checks. There are a variety of organizations that provide background checks for businesses or private individuals considering hiring employees. By using names, dates of birth, and even fingerprints, those in search of maids or helpers can find out whether their potential employees have criminal histories which might indicate potential danger to their homes or apartments. If a potential employee has a criminal history that doesn't guarantee that they aren't safe to have working in your home but its worth knowing the risk you're taking so that you're not caught by surprise.

Another important step in considering how safe it may (or may not) be to hire a domestic worker is asking for references. If you speak to others who've employed or worked with your prospective hires, you may find out useful information, for better or worse, about how trustworthy the hires are. Its only good sense that a prospective hire would only list those upon whom they left positive impressions as references. However, someone who struggles to provide references or provides references that speak less than favorably about the prospective hire is less likely to be trustworthy and that knowledge will put you in a better position to make a decision or to bargain about compensation, if it comes to that.


Requesting a resume and references from someone whom you would hire to help you keep your home clean and well maintained is essential. Though we've discussed references earlier as a means of maintaining safety and security, resumes and references can also be useful for ensuring that your prospective hire does the job well. Because of the nature of the job, many domestic workers spend countless hours unsupervised and the quality of work they demonstrate can vary significantly. Having an idea of where your hire has worked previously and the quality of the work they gave their employer makes all the difference when evaluating whom you would have work for you.

Another way to check that a prospective domestic worker is effective is to use a trial period to evaluate their work. If you give them an opportunity to show what they're capable of, they can demonstrate their tendencies and you can have a chance to set expectations and allow them to get used to your specifications and desires. Trial periods can vary in length and you can set the parameters of what kind of work is done to tailor the evaluation to your specifications.

Using trial periods, resumes, references and background checks can be great ways to make sure that the domestic workers whom you're considering hiring are up to snuff. As always, do your own research, and hire the best domestic worker for your home or apartment. Good luck and look carefully!

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