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How to Choose and Use Window Blinds

We've all been there. The place where we started to let the blinds down or bring them up and suddenly one side is completely out of balance. We scramble to bring the other side to heel and then we find that it's out of balance. We go back and forth and back and forth, feeling like idiots and wasting time, as the blinds mock us with their smug, titled white faces until enough is enough and we give up. But that does not have to be our fate, it is not written in stone that blinds must make fools of grown men and women! This article is here to help. We'll discuss how to choose blinds for your home or apartment and how to use them without damaging (or becoming completely sick of) them. Onward and upward!

Choosing Blinds

The types of blinds your house will need will vary greatly. There are factors like the sizes and locations of your windows, the amounts of light coming realistically expected to come in based on the windows' positioning, etc. The short version is, well, "it depends." However, there are a couple of elements worth evaluating that may be a bit less contextual.

  • The color scheme of your house. If those ubiquitous pure white, plastic blinds would look crazy in contrast to your polished mahogany floors, you can choose to buy and install the wooden versions.
  • Your budget. Blinds aren't expensive but they aren't free. Different types of blinds cost more than others, so its worth knowing how much you're ok with spending beforehand.
  • Your home's overall decor. Some people care about decor, some people don't. For those who are concerned about decor, conventional blinds may not make the grade for keeping up with the Joneses. To each their own.

Using Blinds

They seem to be simple, those blinds, but there is a bit of nuance to them. To raise the blinds, pull the cord down. If you pull the cord down (or hold it down) and pull a bit to the right, the blinds will lock in place. No, it's not random, there is a method to the madness! However, keep in mind that many blind cords are connected to make the process easier. If somehow the cords disconnect or the blinds become uneven, you'll have to balance them by pulling and releasing both cords until they're level.

Unlocking the blinds is just as easy and just as nuanced. Pulling to the left will unlock the cord and, as when lifting the blinds, you can lower them by manipulating the cord (or cords, as necessary.) Using the rod to adjust the angle is important when raising or lowering the blinds. When the slats are flat (horizontal) its easier to raise and lower the blinds. See, didn't that help you avoid the dreaded sound of those things rubbing against each other? Great job!

Humor aside, remember that these are just some tips for choosing and using blinds. As always, do your own research when considering having them installed or doing so yourself. Good luck!

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