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How to Set Up a Backyard Tire Swing

Tire swings are fun. Tire swings are cheap. Tire swings are simple. Less costly and easier to maintain than an Xbox One and a plasma screen TV, tire swings can entertain you and your relatives for years. They aren't hard to imagine setting up but doing so safely isn't as simple as you think it might be. Its time to set it up so we can enjoy the old watering hole or your suburban backyard. Let's go get tired...uh...I mean started!

Trees and Swings and Limbs, Oh My!

Trees are the most important part of this equation. No tree, more thank likely, equals no tire swing. A faulty tree can result in a tire swing related disaster. No one needs that. To avoid said disaster, its important to pick the right kind of tree. Hardwood trees are the best for tire swings. Good examples of hardwood trees that could serve effectively are oak and maple trees. Pines may not be the best due to the amount of give that their limbs can demonstrate.

Picking the right tree is important, picking the right limb is crucial. Limbs are a bit like that famous porridge in the bears' house; it can't be too hot (tall) or too cold (short), it has to be just right. A good height is between 7 and 8 feet high, with the limb itself about 6 inches thick.

Enough Rope to Enjoy Yourself With

Ropes are the next part of the equation. Ropes should be around an inch (or slightly less) thick and natural fibers like manila resist sunlight and heat. When you're buying rope, regardless of the material, you'll want to check the load limits to make sure that they can carry the weight. You'll also need more than 15 feet of rope so that you can set the tire a foot or more from the ground.

Never Tired of Tires

Buying a tire is probably the least complex part of this whole equation. You're aiming to find a tire that has no large cracks or fissures that isn't too thin. Depending on the look you're after, it may be worthwhile to get a used tire (they do sell them in singles) to reinforce a rustic feel. Or just buy a new tire because you know its safe and reliable. It's up to you.

Almost everyone, as a child, had a place they could go and swing on a tire swing. Use these tips to recreate that precious memory for you and for your children. Best of luck and have fun!

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